The Best San Antonio Drug Rehab Centers

You need help. Your chemical dependency issue is spiraling out of control. You’ve tried everything you could do, but it’s not stopping. Checking into one of the good-quality San Antonio drug rehab centers could be the game-changer you need.

What Happens in Rehab?

Checking into a drug rehab center in San Antonio sounds scary. But when you select the right facility, it’s more like going on a retreat. You arrive at a spacious, relaxed, and private venue. Peers who’re also in recovery join you.

Inpatient rehab means that you live on campus. You settle in and meet with your therapist. Besides that, you take a tour of the facility. You notice that there are a lovely swimming pool and tennis court.

Evidence-Based Treatments at San Antonio Drug Rehab Centers

Once you unpack your clothes, you learn about the daily schedule. Many people with a substance abuse problem have a difficult time becoming productive. That’s why a daily schedule helps you get and stay on track. Moreover, you work with your therapist to decide on a care protocol.

Treatments consist of evidence-based modalities. These are the types of therapeutic interventions that show success in helping other people heal from addiction. Examples include:

  • 12 Step introduction as a means of future relapse prevention through peer accountability
  • Addiction education, which empowers you to take control of a new, healthier lifestyle
  • Cognitive behavioral counseling, which gives you the tools you need to make changes to actions and patterns
  • Family counseling that invites loved ones to enter therapy with you and relearn healthy communication styles
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for underlying mental health conditions such as anxiety or bipolar disorder

Trauma treatment is another evidence-based therapy, which assists clients with overcoming negative experiences from the past. Frequently, unresolved trauma creates triggers for substance abuse. Therefore, it’s vital to process the events properly. Doing so eliminates one root cause for chemical dependency.

Look for a Facility That Offers Detox

The best San Antonio drug rehab centers offer detoxification onsite. This is the medical side of recovery. It only takes about a week. However, in this short time, you succeed in breaking a physical addiction.

By doing so at the facility, you ensure that you’re safe. In the cases of alcohol and opioids, this step is essential. Around-the-clock supervision prevents medical problems. Most importantly, you don’t have to suffer pain when you decide to quit using.

When you’re ready to start rehab, the transition’s easy. You work with people you already know. You might also have some peers that transition to clinical care with you. It’s an excellent setup that minimizes stress.

Now’s the Time to End a Chemical Dependency with Effective Treatment

You don’t have to keep hoping for the best. Similarly, quit frustrating yourself by trying to white-knuckle detox at home. Medical and clinical care require professional intervention. Because addiction’s a chronic disease, you need the right treatment.

The Right Step is one of the good-quality San Antonio drug rehab centers you can trust. Caring intake specialists will verify your insurance to help you understand your existing coverage. They can also assist you in setting up an intake appointment. Call 17135283709 now to start the process.

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