Staying Sober is Often Easier Said Than Done

Addiction, alcoholism and rehab are three words that most people don’t want to hear, especially if they are drug addicts or relatives of someone who is struggling with addiction. When we go out to bars or restaurants, we usually don’t think too much about the possible consequences when we order an alcoholic beverage. For many people, having just one or two alcoholic beverages isn’t a big deal. But for an alcoholic, the mere sight of a glass of wine or a can of beer is enough to send them into a tailspin of disaster.Perhaps part of the problem with drug and alcohol addiction is that we don’t take it seriously enough. Creating a Sober Living Environment When someone is recovering from alcohol addiction, it is important to create a sober living environment. Right after rehab, the temptation to relapse into old habits is great. Many times, people only spend about 30 days in a rehabilitation program, which often isn’t enough time to fully address all aspects of addiction. The period right after completing a treatment program is the most critical period during one’s journey toward sober living, and having sobriety incorporated into all aspects of the person’s life is essential. However, prevention is better than cure. If you know someone who is struggling with alcohol addiction or who you think may have a problem with it, do something about it; you may just save their life. Interventions are a great way to reach those who need help and show them that you care. For more information about affordable drug recovery and free addiction aftercare services, contact The Right Step today!

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