The Spider Woman and Her Pursuit of the Revenge Affair

There are several types of people who cheat. When it comes to the spider woman, infidelity is a dangerous game. She is no innocent cheater who falls into an affair by accident. She doesn’t unintentionally develop an emotional bond to a coworker that goes too far or reconnect with an ex and discover old feelings. The spider woman is intentional. She wants revenge and she wants to hurt someone. Watch out for this kind of cheater and stay out of her web.

Where Does the Spider Woman Come From?

The spider woman cheater is a woman who has been hurt. For many of these women, the hurt goes back to childhood. They likely had bad role models when it came to relationships. The spider woman’s parents were probably divorced. Her mother may have married several times or had a series of boyfriends. She may even have been hurt more directly as a child. Many spider women were victims of child abuse or sexual abuse. The childhood experiences of the spider woman lead her to have a skewed vision of what love is and what relationships should be. She doesn’t trust men, yet she wants to find a man who will rescue her and make sacrifices for her. As an adult, she probably has experienced betrayal. Instead of dumping him and moving on or reporting him to a cheating bastards website, she wants to pass on the pain by hurting someone else.

Typical Spider Woman Affairs

An affair initiated by a spider woman is usually triggered by a betrayal she has experienced. Her boyfriend or husband has cheated on her, so she goes out to find someone to hurt. She wants to wreck someone else’s life, and like a spider, she reels in an unsuspecting man and traps him in her web. She may do this by false representation. She seems sweet and kind at first, but then she rips him apart. To exact the most damage, the spider woman usually targets married men. She wants him to fall for her and give up the rest of his life for her. For the spider woman, this kind of sacrifice makes her feel powerful in her own life. It makes her feel like she has the upper hand after being betrayed. All men should beware the spider woman. Whether a man is cheating over the Internet or looking for a more traditional affair, he may encounter this type of woman and he will live to regret it. Stories of spider women and the havoc they have wreaked should be enough to prevent any man from straying from his marriage or girlfriend.

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