The War On Drugs: A Losing Battle?

Drug use is a widely abused epidemic that has been a problem for years. Research indicates that the use of illicit drugs varies by demographic group and by geographic area. This claim can be substantiated with statistics that demonstrate the amount of drug use in different U.S. states. Take for instance, the state of Texas. Texas is one of the leading states for drug trafficking and drug use among both males and females. According to the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration, in 2007 the federal government seized 13,134 kgs of cocaine, and 490,313 kgs of marijuana in Texas alone. These statistics conjure up thought of curiosity as to why states like Texas, New Mexico and California have a high amount of drug trafficking going on. The simple answer lies in geography. For years the war on drugs has been raging globally and one of the more affected areas is Mexico. A number of organized drug rings help to traffic drugs across the U.S. border into states like Texas. In what is similar to a chain of events, these drugs get smuggled into the U.S., mainly by commercial tractor-trailers, and are then distributed to users all over the country. Border control officials are doing their best to stop drug trafficking but with drug use continuing to rise it is evident that the war on drugs is failing miserably. But thankfully, there are a number of drug treatment centers that are available for help. The Right Step, a drug rehab and alcohol treatment center, has locations all over the state of Texas including branches in Houston, Dallas, and Odessa. If someone you know is battling against a war on drugs within themselves, The Right Step can help. Their mission is to provide affordable, state-of-the-art, high quality addiction treatment within a caring atmosphere. Don’t let the war on drugs win. With the proper help from treatment centers, the battle can be yours to win. For more information about drug and alcohol treatment, please visit The Right Step today!

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