Why Do Alcoholics Blame Others?

Alcoholism is a complex disease, and it’s easy for an alcoholic to blame others for their drinking. Many of those who love those experiencing an alcohol use disorder struggle with attending to and continuing to care for their loved one. This often begs the question, why do alcoholics often “blame others?”

If you or a loved one knows their behavior while experiencing an alcohol use disorder, you may need alcohol addiction treatment. It can be challenging to ask for help, but it’s essential. Contact us at 17135283709 to learn about Right Step’s programs.

Why Do Alcoholics Blame Others?

You may ask this if your loved one has cast blame on a situation or a person instead of looking inward and realizing they have a disordered relationship with alcohol. Here are some reasons a person may blame others when in the throes of alcohol addiction.

Struggle to Accept Responsibility

The primary reason why an alcoholic might blame others is that they are struggling to accept responsibility for themselves and their choices. Alcoholism can create a sense of hopelessness, self-pity, and guilt that’s too overwhelming to bear. Blaming someone else, like a spouse or family member, alleviates the pressure of accepting responsibility.

Ego and Pride

Sometimes a person suffering from alcoholism may want to protect their ego and pride. They may feel that blaming someone else for the drinking saves them from shame or guilt. Blaming others can be an easy way to justify bad behavior rather than taking ownership of it. Blaming others can also be a form of manipulation to avoid accountability and responsibility.

Low Self-Esteem

Sometimes those with low self-esteem who feel powerless or hopeless may project their feelings onto others to make themselves feel better. This behavior is a way to shift from feeling scared and inadequate to feeling in control of the situation.


One of the main reasons that an alcoholic may look outside themselves to place blame is because they are in denial about their alcoholism. Denial can be a powerful defense mechanism to avoid facing the reality of addiction.

If an alcoholic blames someone else, they may be able to distance themselves from their drinking problem even more and deny that it is an issue. They can also blame things like stress or genetics so they don’t have to look inward.

Programs for Recovery from Alcoholism

Alcoholism does not have to be a life sentence. Help is available for those struggling with an alcohol use disorder. Reach out to Right Step if you or a loved one are looking for addiction treatment programs that offer support and guidance through recovery.

With love, care, and understanding, it is possible to break the cycle of alcohol abuse and begin a life in recovery. There are also specific programs that can help one break the cycle of addiction. These include:

  • Detox programs
  • Inpatient programs
  • Outpatient such as a partial hospitalization program
  • Evidence-based therapy
  • Aftercare or relapse prevention plans

No matter why alcoholics blame others, the most important thing to remember is that they need professional help and support to recover. Contact Right Step if you or a loved one needs help with an alcohol use disorder. Our team of caring professionals is here to provide guidance and resources every step of the way toward recovery.

Recovering from Alcohol Use Disorder with Right Step in Texas

If you or a loved one are struggling with alcoholism, contact 17135283709 at Right Step today for more information about our substance abuse treatment programs. We provide individualized care to help give you or your loved one the tools they need to overcome their addiction.

We have locations throughout Texas so that you can find a Right Step near home. Our team understands the struggles of dealing with an alcohol use disorder and is here to help you or your loved one begin their journey in recovery.

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