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Our residential inpatient program in Houston takes place in a comfortable community environment with specially trained, licensed clinicians guiding the way to long-term recovery. You’ll reside in home-like bungalows in a residential neighborhood in Houston known for its proximity to the museum district, cultural experiences, eclectic restaurant scene and other attractions.

Our experienced addiction and mental health professionals are specially trained to help you address underlying issues that contribute to addiction such as trauma and mental issues like mood disorders, depression and anxiety. Our multidisciplinary treatment team in Houston uses a structured program track, based on 12-step recovery principles and evidence-based models.

Highlights of our Houston alcohol and drug inpatient program include:

Specially trained addiction experts – Our Houston team includes a board certified psychiatrist, nurses, licensed clinicians and other addiction professionals. We have counselors who are trained in specialized therapies such as dialectical behavior therapy as well as other approaches for treating addiction, mood disorders and eating issues.

Group and individual counseling – You’ll get one-on-one time with a psychiatrist and participate in a number of therapy groups. Groups address topics such as spirituality, relapse prevention, 12 steps and more. We also offer family groups for your loved ones.

Empowering recovery approaches – Our approach is heavily grounded in the Positive RecoveryTM method, which emphasizes your individual strengths and teaches you to draw upon them in recovery with daily lessons, meditations and workbook exercises.

Motivational interviewing – Instead of traditional doctor-patient roles in therapy, this collaborative therapeutic approach includes you as an active decision-maker in the therapeutic process and draws upon your own wisdom for problem solving, goal setting and motivation for change.

Practicing recovery skills – You’ll learn that recovery can be fun and engaging with weekly outings to movies, parks or museums and recreational activities like basketball and softball. This gives you an opportunity to experience fun activities while sober with the guidance of addiction professionals.

Expressive therapies and holistic approaches – We help you explore underlying issues and find ways to express your thoughts and feelings beyond talk therapy. Approaches like music and art therapy provide creative ways of addressing issues. Activities like yoga and meditation offer opportunities to “get out of your head” and focus on the mind-body connection, and important aspect of healing.

Addiction education – During your stay at our inpatient rehab in Houston, you’ll participate in several educational classes on addiction — what fuels it, how it affects the body and mind, and how to manage it. As with any disease, the more informed you are about its causes and characteristics, the better you can manage it.

Aftercare focus – From the moment you enter our doors we are focused on your long-term recovery. You’ll build new, healthy coping skills to replace destructive ones that you can implement in your life after you leave. We bring in professionals from sober-housing facilities once a week to familiarize you with this post-treatment option and also have an aftercare director who provides information on our extensive continuing care services.

A Typical Day at The Right Step Houston Inpatient Program


The day begins with meditation time followed by a leisurely breakfast planned by our nutritionist and prepared by our professional chefs. Mid-morning activities include groups with counselors, life skills training and guest speakers, followed by a healthy lunch.


Activities continue with lectures presented by counselors, doctors, nurses and outside professionals, as well as gender-specific groups led by our counseling staff. Sober outings to local area museums, parks and sporting events are the perfect ending to the afternoon.


After dinner, clients attend an onsite or offsite 12-step meeting, where they are encouraged to meet others in recovery and begin networking with peers who have been able to maintain their sobriety over time. Then clients return for some personal time before retiring for the evening.

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