Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

You struggle with substance abuse and dependence that’s spiraling out of control. You’ve tried for so long to hide it, deal with it, and overcome it. Now, you know that you need help. The Right Step drug addiction treatment centers can assist.

Which Program is Right for You?

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In the past, drug addiction treatment centers automatically assumed that every client needed inpatient treatment. Typically, there was only one setup, no matter what your unique situation might be. The Right Step is different. We want to know how we can pinpoint care to meet you at your point of need.

Case in point is our chronic relapse track that helps clients who have a difficult time navigating life sober. Individualized care protocols help you learn from your relapse. Similarly, gender-specific therapy groups encourage peer support and accountability. It’s a great way to focus on recovery goals that are different from someone else’s.

Of course, our drug addiction treatment centers also offer inpatient and outpatient care options. After you have a chance to meet with a therapist, you can determine if residential care is the best option for you. Almost all first-time clients benefit from stays at our inpatient drug rehab centers in Texas.

Another option is a partial hospitalization or outpatient program. You spend time at the facility but return home after treatment. When you have an excellent support network and a moderate addiction, consider these options. Of course, you might still choose an inpatient program to immerse yourself in the therapeutic setting of the facility.

Evidence-Based Treatments at Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Therapists at The Right Step recognize the importance of excellent clinical services. These are the modalities that have a long track record of success. Because of their scientific backing, these treatments are safe, effective, and suitable for customization. And customization of your care protocol is one key to successful rehab.

Why Individualized Treatment Makes a Difference

We go back to the understanding that one size doesn’t fit all. Some clients attend rehab because they used drugs to self-medicate. Others fell into substance abuse because of peer pressure. Everyone’s story is different.

Treatment at our drug rehab in Texas must reflect this reality. Because your story is different from someone else’s, your treatment has to be just as responsive. Examples of care options include:

  • Behavioral counseling that empowers the formation of new coping skills for unavoidable trigger situations
  • One-on-one talk therapy that focuses on individual counseling on the circumstances that most aggravate chemical dependency
  • Group counseling as a tool for personal development through solution-oriented meetings with peer support
  • Relapse prevention education that helps you build the confidence you need to navigate the world sober
  • Family therapy that invites loved ones to participate in the treatment at our drug rehab centers in TX

That said, we also believe in alternative therapies to augment evidence-based practices. At our drug addiction treatment centers, artistic and musical expressions are elemental to healing. The same goes for recreational therapy, which might include basketball and group outings.

One of the essential treatments under this heading is meditation. It’s an excellent stress buster. Most importantly, it’s something you can do at home after you graduate from rehab. Besides that, meditation is a precursor for mindfulness training, which shows great success in recovery.

What Happens After Graduation from the Rehab Program?

The best drug rehab in Texas offers help that doesn’t stop after you graduate from the program. The Right Step therapists know that early recovery is prone to relapse. Therefore, we offer two years of complimentary aftercare groups. It’s a great way to get support when you need it.

Most importantly, it lets you fill in holes when you realize that there are new situations you need to handle. We also offer alumni events that maintain your ties to the recovery community.

Enroll at One of Our Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Today

The Right Step operates the most trusted drug rehab centers in TX. When you call, an intake specialist conducts an insurance verification to assist you in understanding your benefits. Isn’t it time to practice the self-care you know you’ve needed for a long time? Call 17135283709 today to make it happen.

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