Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

The opioid epidemic crisis continues to climb, as more Americans become addicted to prescription medication. If you are one of the many medication users who has an addiction to opioids, then now is the time to get help. The Right Step can help you get on the path to recovery so that you can say “no” to prescription medication for good.

We offer medically-assisted detox, rehab, and aftercare for a wide range of opioid addictions. An opioid addiction treatment center provides the staff and facilities you need to grow through each stage of recovery as you overcome your addiction. To find out more about our addiction treatment center, contact The Right Step today.

Are You Addicted to Opioids?a man enters an opioid addiction treatment center in texas

Addiction to opioids often begins with your first prescription. Your doctor prescribes you medication to treat a current condition. Most doctors prescribe medicine for a short-term period. However, you may find that you cannot stop taking the prescription. As a result, you continue taking opioids longer than intended.

Opioids can give you energy, boost your mood, reduce chronic pain, or help you with mental performance. All of these benefits make it extremely difficult to stop taking the drug. Regardless of the addiction, however, you will justify using the medication time and again so that you experience pleasant feelings.

The good news is that, regardless of how long you have been taking opioids, you can stop. Our treatment specialists are here to help you get off of opioids and end substance abuse forever.

 Treatments We Offer for Opioid Addiction

The Right Step offers a complete treatment program that promotes long-term recovery and prevents relapse. Some of our services at our opioid addiction treatment center in Texas include:

  • Medical Detox
  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Pain Management
  • Individual & Family Therapy
  • Psychodrama
  • 12 Step and Non 12 Step
  • Motivational Interviewing

The type of treatment you receive at our opioid addiction treatment center depends on the nature of your addiction, and how long you have been taking the drugs.

A treatment specialist at the Right Step can assess your condition and identify any mental disorders you may have. Through dual diagnosis, you can receive complete care for all areas of your situation – not just your addiction.

Identifying an Addiction to Prescription Medication

When you enter our opioid addiction treatment center, we help you see the connection between the drug you are using and your addiction to it. You may not readily see or understand all the symptoms of your addiction, such as:

  • Wanting to sleep all the time
  • Fixation on your medication
  • Failed attempts at stopping the medication
  • Asking for increases in dosage more than once
  • Experiencing medical problems but continuing to use the drug
  • Exceeding the dosage or length of your original prescription

If you have overdosed on your prescription but continue to use it, you may have an addiction. Your dependency may also affect your work performance, relationships, or personal life in other ways. All of these symptoms of dependence can happen slowly over time so that they feel normal.

Learn More About Our Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

It is important to remember that just because your doctor prescribes something, it does not mean that it is safe. It also means that you are not immune to becoming addicted to it. So, if you have become dependent on prescription meds, then the time is now to get help for your addiction.

To find out more about how to get clean from prescription drugs, contact our opioid addiction treatment center in Texas. You can get the help you need from a treatment specialist who can help you get on the road to recovery. Contact The Right Step today at 17135283709 to get started with your treatment.

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