Addiction is a chronic condition that is difficult to recover from without help. Roughly half of all people in recovery experience a relapse, which happens when you start abusing drugs or alcohol again following a period of sobriety and abstinence. A relapse prevention therapy program TX offers provides you with the tools, education, and guidance to prepare you for life after treatment. One of the most important aspects of treatment is creating a strong relapse prevention plan, which focuses on providing you with coping strategies.


Smiling people thanks to the Right Step Centers relapse prevention therapy program TXWhen you use drugs or alcohol, your brain releases a rush of pleasurable neurotransmitters. This rush causes the euphoric effects associated with intoxication. Once you become addicted to drugs or alcohol, your brain becomes dependent on substances in order to release neurotransmitters. When you immediately stop using, you deal with intense cravings and overwhelming withdrawal symptoms.

The severity of withdrawal symptoms can increase your risk of relapsing since resuming use will alleviate your symptoms. Treatment centers can help limit your withdrawal symptoms, making it easier to complete the drug detox process.

When your brain associates drugs and alcohol with pleasure, your brain’s pleasure and reward center changes. Anytime you are exposed to a trigger, which can be a person, place, or thing that reminds you of your substance of choice, you deal with strong cravings. These cravings occur even after you detox, which makes attending a relapse prevention therapy program in TX an important part of successful recovery.

During recovery, your body and mind begin the healing process. You can experience lingering mood changes, such as anxiety, as your brain re-learns how to properly release neurotransmitters. Your body also starts to heal from addiction. During active addiction, it is common to neglect your health. Drugs and alcohol can also weaken your immune system, cause nutritional deficiencies, and damage your liver.


Relapse is a process, not an event. Our inpatient chronic relapse track unravels the mystery of the relapse process so that people recovering from addiction can “see a relapse coming” before it happens.

Clients share residences with people in our traditional residential program and participate in some of their program activities, but their main focus and recovery work is on relapse. This track is designed for people who have struggled to maintain recovery after other treatment episodes. Clients who have experienced recurring relapse learn how to recognize the earliest warning signs of relapse and take effective prevention steps.

A chronic relapse prevention therapy program in TX is available at our Dallas Central location. You’ll find services such as:

  • Individualized treatment plans that build upon lessons clients learned from previous relapses
  • Small, gender-separate therapy groups
  • Personalized aftercare plans with specific strategies to identify and overcome potential risks to sobriety several months following treatment
  • Intensive exploration of events that led to relapse with strategies to manage these challenges in the future

Our program also offers:

  • Clearly defined abstinence and recovery goals
  • Resources for support, scheduled meetings, and recovery activities
  • An alternative to the typical treatment cycle because we pick up where the client left off in their previous treatment experience
  • Addiction education and relapse-prevention planning

The program’s curriculum, based on “An Ounce of Prevention” developed by addiction therapists and authors John Leadem and Shawn Leadem, is designed to help clients discover what led them to relapse.

Finding the Best Relapse Prevention Therapy Program TX Offers

When you or a loved one is ready to take the first step toward recovery, finding the best program for your needs doesn’t have to be daunting. The best relapse prevention therapy program TX offers is only a phone call away. Call our recovery specialists today at 17135283709 to learn more about our chronic relapse track program and your treatment options.

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