Alcohol Detox Centers in Texas

Some substance use disorders are more difficult to recover from than others, and alcohol addiction ranks near the top. The side effects of withdrawal from alcohol range from serious to fatal. Alcohol detox should not be attempted at home without professional help. Treatment programs at a medical detox center, including a medication therapy management program in Texas, ensure withdrawal can be completed as safely and comfortably as possible. For safe alcohol detox, reach out to The Right Step today.

Alcohol Use Disorder: A Definition

man receives care at an alcohol detox center in texasMany people enjoy alcoholic drinks without suffering from alcohol use disorder. The difference happens when the amount of alcohol you consume begins causing you distress and makes it difficult to function in daily life. If your use of alcohol has progressed past the point of enjoyment and has now become a need that you can’t shake, it’s a good time to consider treatment at a quality alcohol detox center in Texas, like those at The Right Step.

Signs and symptoms of alcohol use disorder include:

  • Preoccupation with alcohol
  • Inability to say no to a drink
  • Having to up your intake of alcohol to feel the same effects
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink for a day or two
  • Using alcohol even when it’s dangerous, such as when driving
  • Feeling intense cravings or urges to use alcohol

There are other signs that your alcohol use may have passed beyond what you can control. If you’re having issues at work, with family, or in relationships because of alcohol, this is a symptom of a disorder. Wanting to stop but being unable to do it is another reason to look into alcohol detox centers in Texas.

Maybe I Can Do This On My Own?

Detoxing from alcohol without professional medical detox program can be incredibly painful. The withdrawal symptoms can be fatal if you’ve used enough alcohol over a long enough period. Detoxification from severe alcohol use disorder can cause tremors, hallucinations, seizures, and death due to delirium tremens.

Delirium tremens occurs when your brain is unable to compensate for the sudden loss of alcohol. It becomes unstable and unable to readjust your brain chemistry. This may result in a series of odd reactions within your body, including elevated blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and dehydration. Symptoms of delirium tremens include confusion, irritability, aggression, paranoia, profuse sweating, and hallucinations. If left untreated, it’s possible to die from the onset of delirium tremens.

If you’re struggling with alcohol use disorder, you should never attempt withdrawal or recovery alone. Seek help right away from alcohol detox centers in Texas.

How Alcohol Detox Centers in Texas Can Help

When you choose The Right Step as your choice of alcohol detox centers in Texas, you’ll begin your recovery on day one. Our around-the-clock care and medication-assisted treatment will help guide you safely through detoxification. Your withdrawal symptoms will be managed with therapy and medication that make them feel less severe and make you feel like you’re the one in control instead of the alcohol.

Once detox is complete, you can begin building lasting recovery at an alcohol addiction treatment center. Whether you enter a residential treatment program or an outpatient rehab program, you’ll meet and socialize with others who are fighting the same battles. You’ll participate in counseling and therapies that will help you learn new, healthier coping skills and better understand why alcohol became an issue. You’ll receive complete, compassionate care for your whole person, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Therapies you may encounter at an alcohol detox center or rehab program can include:

At The Right Step, our alcohol detox programs in Texas treat your mind, body, and soul, leaving you stronger, healthier, and more capable of living a good life in recovery from alcohol use disorder.

Contact The Right Step Today

When you’re ready to make a positive change in your life and take control of your future, The Right Step is waiting with one of the best alcohol detox centers in Texas. Our facilities are warm and inviting and our staff unsurpassed in professionalism and experience. If it’s compassionate, knowledgeable care you seek, The Right Step is the place to be. Call us today at 17135283709 for answers to all your questions regarding alcohol use disorder.

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