Young Adult Drug Addiction Treatment

By their senior year in high school, two-thirds of young adults have tried alcohol, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s a statistic that’s no longer shocking in today’s stressful world. If you know someone who’s struggling with young adult drug addiction, or if you’re struggling yourself, consider a group therapy program in Texas like the one offered at The Right Step.

When Should You Seek Young Adult Drug Addiction Treatment in Texas?

You should seek help for drug or alcohol abuse when you begin noticing the signs of addiction. Symptoms of drug or alcohol use can be difficult to detect at times. They may also mimic other illnesses such as depression, bi-polar disorder, and even the common flu. Early warning signs include:

  • A gradual or sudden change of friendsyoung adult addiction treatment program in group session at right step man speaking to group
  • Unnecessary anger when questioned about activities
  • Withdrawal from family activities
  • Sudden decline in academic performance

Come to our substance abuse treatment center, if you begin to see the physical signs of addiction: the slurred speech, the agitation, the restlessness, and the sleep disruption. Young adults may become incensed at the slightest transgression with the anger out of proportion to the incident that incited it.

These are all changes to watch for if you are suffering from substance use disorder involving drugs or alcohol. If you see the signs, talk to our specialists about the benefits of admission to our young adult rehab program at The Right Step.

Why Would Young Adults Use Drugs?

Anyone, even a young adult, can fall prey to drug use. What’s important to remember is that it’s not your fault. Addiction is not a weakness. It’s not a conscious choice, addiction is gradual and can consume you before you are aware of the damage.

Substance use disorder is a chronic disease, just like cancer or diabetes. There are clear reasons why some people can use drugs casually while others become dependent upon them. Scientists have identified several risk factors, including:

  • Constant access to drugs or alcohol
  • Seeing family members abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Living below the poverty level
  • Having a background of abuse or neglect
  • Hanging with friends who use

If one or more of these situations describes you, or if they describe another person you care about, this could help explain the need for young adult drug addiction treatment in Texas.

What to Expect After Admission to a Young Adult Drug Addiction Treatment Center?

Once you’ve talked with your young adult and discussed the importance of admission into a program for young adult drug addiction treatment in Texas, the next step is an admission. The Right Step offers a full range of high-quality treatment for addiction, including outpatient drug rehab for clients who need to maintain their daily schedules. This means your son or daughter may continue to attend school while you’re in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in Texas. In many situations, however, treatment begins with detox which then transitions into residential care before clients enter into an outpatient program.

Your situation may differ from those of other clients. Every treatment plan at The Right Step is individualized to address each client’s personal needs. This means he or she may need different resources or different care than other clients of the same age. Studies have shown that treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in Texas works better when it’s customized to fit the individual client. Young adult drug addiction treatment centers like The Right Step provide top-notch facilities and staff to help your teen manage recovery.

When you’re ready to seek help from young adult rehab centers near you, call The Right Step today. We’re experienced, compassionate, and offer top-level care for drug and alcohol addiction in Texas. We offer a quiet, positive sanctuary where clients can recover away from the stresses of everyday life. Most importantly, we believe in the importance of family and will include you in your teen’s recovery plan. Call us today at 17135283709 for more information.

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