Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

Man dealing with the symptoms of alcohol poisoning

When you drink so much alcohol that your body can’t metabolize it, you may suffer from alcohol poisoning. If you’re a heavy drinker, then the line between blackout and intoxication can seem to blur. Would you know how to recognize the symptoms of alcohol poisoning? Most importantly, should you seek drug addiction treatment once you realize you fell victim to the condition?

Understanding the Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

You might experience alcohol poisoning symptoms if you drink too much too quickly. The chemicals overwhelm the body. It can also occur if you pair certain medications with alcoholic drinks. Sometimes, the condition sneaks up on you.

For example, when you take Adderall and drink alcohol, the stimulant masks the intoxicating effects of the depressant. You drink more alcohol to get the effect. Not surprisingly, this practice results in overdoses that could lead to alcohol poisoning.

Common symptoms of alcohol poisoning include seizures as well as vomiting. Your breathing slows and might become irregular. Therefore, you won’t take in a sufficient amount of oxygen.

Your skin discolors. Similarly, your body temperature lowers. You pass out, and others can’t wake you. Gag reflex suppression can lead to a choking hazard as your body seeks to expel the alcohol as vomit.

Alcohol Poisoning Can Be a Sign That You Have a Drinking Problem

Therapists at alcohol addiction treatment centers in Texas routinely work with good people who had a close call. These are people who began binge drinking and finally overdid it. Others built up a tolerance to alcohol that then led to an increase in consumption. No matter how you got there, it’s time to make a change.

If you struggle with an alcohol use disorder, you can’t quit on your own. Withdrawal symptoms are dangerous. Besides that, the compulsion to keep using is more than you can manage on your own. Therefore, it’s essential to work with specialists who can assist you in ending the dependency.

How Rehab Works

After experiencing alcohol poisoning symptoms and receiving medical care, check into an inpatient facility. It allows you to immerse yourself in a healing setting. Besides that, you receive peer and staff support at all times. Therapists customize a care protocol that meets you at your point of need.

For example, if you used alcohol initially to self-medicate for social anxiety or other conditions, there’s help. Dual diagnosis treatments help with the underlying condition as well as the addiction. Other care approaches include:

  • Gender-separated group therapy that focuses on harnessing your innate strengths for healing
  • 12 Step involvement, which introduces you to peer accountability
  • Addiction education that helps you understand how alcohol affects your mind and body
  • Cognitive behavioral counseling, which empowers you to develop new coping skills and social boundaries
  • Mindfulness training as a method of intentionally relaxing your mind and body for stress relief

Throughout your stay, you practice relapse prevention. It helps you feel comfortable with sobriety. You can function around others without needing to drink.

Sign up for Rehab Today

If you experienced symptoms of alcohol poisoning, consider them a wakeup call. Next time, you may not be so lucky and survive your ordeal. Besides that, it could cause irreversible brain damage. Don’t take the risk; find out how to heal at The Right Step by calling 713.528.3709 today.

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