David Sedaris’ Decision To Quit Smoking

I recently read David Sedaris’ new book When You Are Engulfed In Flames which prominently contains the tail of how he stopped smoking. If you are not familiar with Sedaris, he is a frequent contributor to NPR, and the author of many books and magazine articles. Just think Truman Capote meets Bob Newhart Sedaris grew up a vehement anti-smoker in the home of a vehement smoker, his mother Sharon Sedaris. David saw his mother battle with the lung cancer that eventually claimed her life, and watched as she continued to smoke almost right up until the end. Growing up in this type of environment you would wonder why Sedaris began to smoke, and as he recalls, it seemed like it was just something to do, something that would be cool. He even describes how he decided on what brand to smoke, what brand of smokes would best say “Sedaris.” After decades of smoking Sedaris decided to quit. He moved to Japan so he would have something else to focus on other then smoking, and went, more-or-less, cold turkey. In a recent USA today article Sedaris stated:

“I know if I picked up a cigarette, I’d be right back. I don’t think about it unless I’m passing someone who is smoking. Gosh, that smells good. It would be harder if I still drank.”

The story is a fun read, and if you are in the midst of quitting any type of addiction I recommend Sedaris’ new collection for inspiration in your own battle. For more information about drug and alcohol treatment, please visit The Right Step today!

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