Addiction, Alcoholism, Rehab & Coffee

How much money would you say you spend on something like coffee? My boyfriend used to be an ardent coffee drinker. One day, we were talking about ways in which to save money and I brought up the fact that he consumed so much coffee. Whether or not it was the direct result of our conversation about saving money or simply the fact that he wanted to cut back, he stopped drinking coffee. We estimated that since he’s curbed his coffee drinking habits, he’s saved himself a heck of a lot of money. Now compare this to someone who drinks alcohol. How much do you think it costs to support an alcoholic lifestyle?

Addiction, Alcoholism, Rehab & Coffee

When my boyfriend stopped drinking coffee, it may sound silly, but he had to really build up a tough mentality. Every time we went to the grocery store, he would have to quickly walk past the coffee aisle so he wouldn’t be tempted by the aroma. Sometimes, we would simply avoid the aisle. But coffee seems to be the staple beverage for many Americans. That being said, it’s not really avoidable. So what to do? Well, the same can be said of alcohol. If you’re a recovering alcoholic who is seeking treatment for your addiction and is now on the path to recovery, it is often difficult (as hard as you may try) to remove all forms of alcohol from around you.

You are Stronger Than You Think

The long road to recovery can sometimes be painful. You will always be tested, and sometimes (for an addict) all it will take is one step to bring you right back to the beginning. Practice self talk. Know that you are stronger than you think. Surround yourself with positive people who will help guide you through. In your personal life, remove all forms of temptation. For example, do not keep any alcohol in your home. Close friends and family should know about your condition and try not to offer you any alcoholic beverages. It’s the little things that you need to practice every day, which will have the greatest long-term impact in your life. For more information about drug and alcohol treatment, please visit The Right Step today! [photo credit: Victor Bezrukov]

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