Is Drug Prevention Different for Teens and Adults?

Adolescence is frequently a time of drug and alcohol experimentation in America. For this reason, it also represents a crucial time for preventing drug and alcohol use disorder. If you have children, you may wonder if the ways to prevent drug abuse among teenagers differ from the ways to prevent drug abuse among adults. The short answer is yes; age has a significant impact on the methods used to prevent involvement in substance intake.

The teenage brain is not fully developed, and this immaturity makes adolescents more prone to succumb to peer pressure and experimentation. Additionally, the teenage brain is more sensitive to the effects of drugs and alcohol than the adult brain. These facts underscore the importance of effective drug abuse prevention among teenagers.

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Why is Drug Prevention for Teens and Adults Different?

As we mentioned, the teenage brain is not fully developed. This means that teenagers are more likely to take risks and experiment with drugs and alcohol. Additionally, the teenage brain is more sensitive to the effects of drugs and alcohol. For these reasons, it’s important that drug prevention methods for teenagers are different from those for adults.

Here are some drug prevention tips for parents of teenagers:

  • Talk to your teenager about the dangers of drug and alcohol use. Make sure they understand the risks involved in using these substances.
  • Set a good example for your teenager. If you don’t use drugs or alcohol, your teenager is less likely to use them as well.
  • Monitor your teenager’s activities. Know who their friends are and what they’re doing when they’re not with you.
  • Keep communication open with your teenager. Let them know that they can come to you with any questions or problems they have.
  • Seek professional help if you think your teenager is using drugs or alcohol. The sooner you get help, the better the chances are for a successful recovery.

Drug Prevention for Teenagers

Teenagers are far more likely to begin using drugs than adults, especially adults over the age of 25. For this reason, prevention and other treatment efforts typically focus more on teenagers than on adults.

Parents have a range of options for helping their teenage children stay clear of drug use. Perhaps one of the most important ways to prevent drug abuse among teenagers is to maintain an active but non-intrusive line of communication with your adolescent children. Likely discussion topics in an effective line of parent/child communication include:

  • The dangers of prescription medications (often mistakenly viewed as “safe” because they come from doctors)
  • Family rules regarding drug and alcohol intake
  • The social pressures that favor substance intake over abstinence, and
  • Development of the coping skills needed to endure peer pressure, academic pressure, and other forces that may induce involvement in drug use

Drug Prevention for Adults

Drug prevention for adults takes place in a different context than for teenagers. In many cases, prevention efforts are workplace-based and focus on employee wellness. Available options for adults include:

  • Programs that alert employees to the dangers of drug and alcohol use
  • Provision of counseling that aims to prevent the use/misuse of illegal drugs and prescription medications, and
  • Provision of health benefits that cover any drug treatment required for cases of substance abuse
  • Adult drug prevention efforts also take place in communities and families.

Drug Addiction Prevention at The Right Step Houston

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