Anxiety Treatment During COVID-19

A person with an anxiety disorder likely a variety of symptoms when an event occurs that leads to an anxiety attack. Events or situations that a person cannot control possibly leads to increased anxiety symptoms. Getting anxiety treatment during COVID-19 can allow you to manage the anxiety symptoms. 

Treatment facilities are prepared to help you through these difficult times.  Learn how to take necessary precautions, cope with the anxiety, and work through a treatment program that treats the whole person, and not just an addiction or mental health disorder. 

Anxiety Disorders and Coronavirus 

The Healthline Medical Affairs team point to several disorders that are key aspects of anxiety, some of which include: 

  • Panic disorder often causes a person to experience panic attacks even at unexpected times 
  • Illness anxiety disorder is better known as hypochondria 
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder leads a person to perform specific repeated actions or behaviors 
  • Phobias are related to excessive fear of an object or activity or situation 
  • Separation anxiety disorder involves the fear of being away from loved ones or your home 

People panic over the uncertainty of the future, the fear of job loss, and empty shelves at stores. This leaves some families wondering how to provide basic food and essentials. 

The fear of getting coronavirus possibly leads some people to experience anxiety as part of their illness anxiety. This occurs even though they have not tested positive for coronavirus, or another serious illness. 

Obsessive-compulsive disorder likely increases for those that already have a diagnosis, while the disorder occurs as a new issue among other individuals. Coronavirus fears possibly lead to obsessive, repeated cleaning, hand-washing, and other actions that reach an irrational level. 

It is easy to see how people develop phobias during this crisis, where the average person fears touching anything or going anywhere. 

Separation anxiety disorder is likely an issue for many people now, with the orders to practice social distancing, orders to stay home or to remain in quarantine.  

Anxiety treatment during COVID-19 can guide you through these trying times, and help you learn to respond without the harmful effects of anxiety 

Anxiety and Your Health 

There are several anxiety disorders that affect your physical and mental health. This is particularly true when facing situations like illness and possibly facing death because of the coronavirus. 

A Prevention contributor quoted an assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School as saying that there seems to be an increase in people that never experienced anxiety in the past showing signs of anxiety disorders now, along with worsening symptoms among some people already diagnosed with anxiety.   

The uncertainty of the future, the isolation, and financial issues such as the stock market drop and massive job layoffs possibly leads to an increase in drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide risks. 

The long-term effects of anxiety possibly lead to headaches, dizziness, weight gain, heart palpitations, depression, and other effects. Healthline indicates that anxiety disorders possibly contribute to an increased risk of heart disease or hypertension. 

Anxiety treatment during COVID-19 offers individualized programming that focuses on your specific diagnosis and treatment needs. 

Anxiety Treatment During COVID-19 Outbreak and Beyond 

Do you experience anxiety disorder and worry even more because you feel unable to control your symptoms? Perhaps you feel that you could manage your symptoms without turning to alcohol abuse or substance abuse if you just had someone to talk to about your anxiety. 

Discover how to regain control of your life. Then you can start living without the crippling effects of anxiety when you reach out for treatment. There are many treatment modalities that help you learn how to manage your anxiety during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Reach out for help right now by calling the Right Step at 17135283709 today. 

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