Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Marijuana is often thought of as a very safe drug, the type that people can use and see all sorts of benefits from without risks. This is by far a mistaken thought. Is marijuana a gateway drug? Many people believe that using it can lead to the use of other, more potent, and dangerous drugs. Whether or not that is true, marijuana itself can put a person at a high risk for substance use disorder, leading to many complications. At The Right Step, we want to help you avoid that at our marijuana addiction treatment center.

So Is Marijuana a Getaway Drug?

While the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that there is some research to suggest that those who use marijuana do not go on to use more dangerous substances, the opposite is true as well. One study found that those who reported using marijuana were more likely than those who did not suffer from an alcohol use disorder within there years. That study, the National Epidemiological Study of Alcohol Use and Related Disorders found that marijuana use is also linked to nicotine use.

Is marijuana a gateway drug for everyone who uses it? The answer here is no. Some people do not face negative effects when they use this drug. However, when they start using it and how long and how much they use do play a role in what happens to their health. For example, when teens use marijuana, this creates changes to their brain chemistry at a critical time in development. This can make them more likely to want and need to use drugs later on in life. The brain becomes used to and even dependent on the THC present in marijuana.

What About Other, Harder Drugs?

Is marijuana gateway drug to the use of opioids? Some research points to this. In an older study, it found that those that used marijuana were significantly more likely to use opioid medication improperly. This type of opioid drug misuse can be highly dangerous.

How Do You Get Help for Marijuana Use?

When you consider how high-risk marijuana use can be, it’s important to recognize the need for help. Even if you take away this risk of increased drug use, marijuana drug abuse can be problematic in itself. It is possible to develop addiction and dependency from it. If you are using marijuana on a routine basis, it is important to get some help.

There is help available from The First Step. Allow our team to provide you with access to the care you need, including:

We also use both evidence-based treatment such as 12-step programs and dialectical behavior therapy, and holistic treatment programs, such as fitness-related programs, to help you. When you reach out to our licensed and trusted therapists, you get to work on you through individual programs designed to help you overcome anything you’re facing. If you are using marijuana on a consistent basis and have an addiction to it, it’s essential to get help, so you don’t begin using other drugs as well. Is marijuana a gateway drug – this does not matter nearly as much if you treat the addiction you have right now properly.

Trust in Our Team of Experienced Professionals at The Right Step for Help

Whether you believe it, asking questions such as, “Is marijuana a gateway drug,” is clearly a sign that you may be using the drug at a high-risk level and need help. You do not have to continue to live like this. Treatment options are available to you from our team at The Right Step. Call us at 17135283709 to learn more about the options available.

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