Can Addiction Treatment Lead You to Discover Your True Self?

You may find yourself answering embarrassing questions about your history with addiction, naming the drugs of choice or unhealthy means of survival. You feel open and raw, exposing the bones in your closet. Possibly wondering what to expect next, you have found yourself in an addiction treatment program. 

Regardless of the stage in your recovery process, addiction treatment requires you to come face-to-face with your demons and tackle the problems you’ve been running from. Addiction treatment will force you out of your comfort zone, experience your true self, and ultimately lead you to create a new, healthier being.


Stripping Off Your Comforts

When entering an addiction treatment program, you are removed from the unhealthy coping mechanisms that hid your problems but ultimately hindered your functioning.  The process may look different depending on the type of addiction. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, a drug addiction treatment program often starts with a detoxification process to manage the potentially severe effects of withdrawal. Unable to depend on problematic comforts, you are left to begin experiencing life in your most natural state of being.


Feeling Your Raw Feelings in Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment starts with you at the center—exposed and left with the hidden truth. These truths or demons may include disappointments in life, unresolved problems, broken relationships, traumatic experiences or unreachable goals and dreams. 

They are the thoughts and emotions suppressed when engaging in addictive behaviors. You can feel vulnerable when experiencing the discomfort of these truths. However, the treatment provider holds responsibility for providing a positive and supportive environment that fosters motivation to change.


Creating a New Being

Once you face and confront your faults, you begin the journey of rebuilding. You hold the key to rewriting your story and creating a new truth. The recovery process treats addictive behaviors and replaces unhealthy habits with new, healthier coping skills and clean truths. 

You have the opportunity to explore who you are without the masks and become a more authentic version of yourself. Addiction treatment provides an environment free from outside distractions where you can examine yourself with thought-provoking reflections that uncover your true self. Such reflective questions include:

  • What activities give me a sense of purpose?
  • What are my strengths?
  • How would I like to be described by important people in my life?
  • What do honesty, trust and loyalty look like in a healthy relationship?
  • What do I value the most in life?


The road to recovery is a continuous journey that requires a repeated decision to continue on a healthy path. There will be a constant peeling back of uncomfortable layers and shifting. Yet, if you want it to be, there can be personal growth to strengthen your power to stay on the right path. At your healthiest, you have the strength to hold your demons at bay and move closer to a self-sustaining life.


Here at The Right Step, we will provide you with the resources, treatment and support to help you confront the challenges you may have been running from and create a healthier version of yourself.

When you are ready to embrace treatment and discover your true self, please call The Right Step at 844.675.1557.

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