Can Marijuana-Induced Psychosis Be Permanent?

Marijuana use has become more mainstream as the therapeutic benefits have been recognized, and many states have started to legalize the substance. However, as with any substance that alters your mental or physical state, there are side effects and risks to marijuana consumption. Some people experience marijuana-induced psychosis, among other adverse effects. Can marijuana-induced psychosis be permanent?

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What Is Marijuana Psychosis?

Marijuana-induced psychosis refers to a person experiencing a break from reality triggered by the consumption of cannabis. While not everyone who uses marijuana products will experience this side effect, certain people may be more vulnerable to it.

Anyone with a family history of mental health disorders should exercise caution when using marijuana. If you are accessing marijuana through a provider for medicinal purposes, speak to them about your family history and concerns about your risk for marijuana-induced psychosis.

Symptoms of Marijuana-Induced Psychosis

The symptoms of marijuana-induced psychosis can range in severity and may include:

Disorganized Thinking

Marijuana is known for having sedative properties, so you may mistake disorganized thinking as normal when under the influence of the substance. As part of marijuana-induced psychosis, it can involve difficulty concentrating, disconnected thoughts, or incoherent speech.


Although marijuana typically makes people feel more mellow, it can have the opposite effect on some. You might have sudden outbursts or exhibit violent behavior that is uncharacteristic for you.


You may start to see or hear things that are not there. 


Marijuana-induced psychosis can leave you feeling anxious or fearful that others are out to get you.

The Dangers of Marijuana-Induced Psychosis

While the effects of marijuana-induced psychosis may vary from person to person, the dangers associated with this condition can be significant. Some potential dangers include:

  • Risk of harming yourself or someone else
  • Worsened mental health
  • Increased risk of long-term psychiatric disorders

If you notice symptoms of marijuana-induced psychosis, you may want to talk to your provider about your dosage or delivery method. Marijuana may not be best for your needs if it leads to long-term health problems, but a medical professional can advise you on the best course of action.

Can Marijuana-Induced Psychosis Be Permanent?

Can marijuana-induced psychosis be permanent? An episode of marijuana-induced psychosis can be a wake-up call that the substance is doing you more harm than good. But if you decide to quit using it from then on, will you be free and clear of future complications?

There is no single answer to whether marijuana-induced psychosis can be permanent. Some people may fully recover from an episode of psychosis after abstaining from marijuana and getting addiction treatment if needed. However, others may continue to face long-lasting mental health challenges. And if you continue to use marijuana after experiencing adverse effects, you put yourself at greater risk of repeated episodes of psychosis that can trigger a chronic mental illness, such as schizophrenia.

Call Promises Right Step to Get Help Now

Marijuana can help treat chronic pain and other health conditions, but it may not be appropriate for everyone. If you notice symptoms of marijuana-induced psychosis, it is time to consider getting help. Call Promises Right Step at 17135283709 or reach out online for the guidance you need to heal from the effects of marijuana and find a safer, more effective form of treatment for your mental and physical health needs.

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