Change Isn’t a Four-letter Word

Let Right Step Show You How to Become a New You

Like many life-altering experiences, the move from drug and alcohol addiction to a successful, lasting recovery is a process. It requires a plan, and dedication to stick to the plan. But, first, there has to be the realization that a change is necessary. It’s that first step, outlined in an article on, that keys every succeeding step – and that likely determines whether an addict can successfully replace a destructive lifestyle with a vibrant, healthy life. is a national, non-profit resource for people who want to shake an addiction, and it offers great insight into the “how’s” and “why’s” of going about it. As the aforementioned web story notes, the biggest and toughest move centers on the “C” word, “change,” which is never easy for anyone. However, once someone with a substance abuse problem flips that switch, he immediately begins to see the benefits of a changed life in practically every realm. From how he deals with stress, to who is allowed into his life. From what he does with free time to his self-image and self-worth. And by “he,” we mean “she,” as well. Change changes everyone’s perspective and objectives – for the better, the minute a person makes the decision to get help. The Right Step alcohol and drug treatment facilities were founded more than two decades ago, specifically to help the person who wants to change. Every facet of the center’s 20-plus locations is focused on turning the “before” photo into an “after” picture that reflects the healthy thoughts and decisions that produce a satisfied, complete, completely changed person. The staff has literally hundreds of years of professional experience in the effective treatment of alcohol and drug abuse problems. From the minute a person makes the initial move to take the “right step,” he or she will become part of a customized program tailored to his or her individual experiences and needs. The process will positively impact both mind and body to ensure that recovery isn’t simply a one-time event, but, rather, a lifestyle, complete with a mindset and skillset that are honed to stay the course. To that end, The Right Step’s state-of-the-art Alumni Program is available to everyone who received treatment at any The Right Step facility. This is a powerful support resource where participants grow and learn together just what it takes to successfully change a life – and keep it changed. If you would like to change – if you want to take the “right step” toward becoming a new you – please call us at 844-877-1781 to talk to a counselor today. You also can visit  The Right Step website for a comprehensive look at our treatment programs and facilities, which are located throughout the Southwest.

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