The Dangers of Designer Drugs: Could They Affect You?

Drugs come in many different varieties, including the newest designer options. Unfortunately, the dangers of designer drugs are poorly understood and may cause serious health problems in those who use them. At The Right Step, we have helped people deal with these drugs in the past. If you use these drugs or know somebody who does, please read on to learn more about these dangers.

What are Designer Drugs?

Designer drugs are a relatively new class of substances synthesized to produce a variety of different effects. Unlike some substances, like cocaine or marijuana, there is nothing natural about these items. Instead, these drugs are entirely chemical, and consist of various items tweaked to produce a myriad of different results. A few of the most common types on the market include:

  • Bath salts: This synthetic form of stimulants provides a multitude of effects, including hallucinations
  • U-47700: Otherwise known as U4, this is a type of synthetic opioid that can produce many effects
  • K2: Sometimes called spice, this drug is a synthetic version of THC and gives a similar range of changes in the body

Many drugs of this type are manufactured illegally and sold by drug dealers. However, others are made by shady companies that claim they’re using them for “testing” purposes or to “kill grass.” Despite this claim, they are often marketed and sold in a way that appeals to drug users. Unfortunately, the dangers of designer drugs aren’t always well known by those who use them, which could lead to many issues.

What are the Dangers of Designer Drugs?

The newer nature of designer drugs makes their dangers harder to track fully. Unlike substances like heroin or cocaine, research into these substances is scarce. That said, many users have noted side effects over the years. Some of the most common of these issues include:

  • Dangerous hallucinations: Designer drugs have caused scary perception problems in many users
  • Physical harm: The unregulated nature of designer drugs means that they could contain just about anything
  • Brain damage: Some types of designer drugs may cause brain damage if a person uses them too heavily
  • Legal troubles: Designer drugs are not legal to use and could cause problems with the law when abused
  • Psychotic episodes: Some people experience psychotic breaks when abusing designer drugs
  • Dental damage: Many users experience high levels of dental injury that may lead to lost teeth

These problems are just a few of the most common dangers of designer drugs. Therefore, it is critical to get treatment if you use them. Thankfully, a large number of rehab centers provide treatment for designer drugs. Paying attention to this facet should help to make it easier to get the kind of high-quality care necessary to stay happy and healthy.

Can Drug Rehab Help Out Here?

The dangers of designer drugs make drug rehab a requirement. These programs provide a high level of care that can transform a person’s life for the better. First of all, you can detox from any designer drugs to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Then, you can learn more about why these substances are so dangerous to your health. These classes showcase any medical information available about designer drugs and their dangers.

During this step of the process, you also receive psychological care to assess why you started using designer drugs. You can then learn behavior adjustments to tweak your actions and make them more positive. For example, you can learn more positive coping mechanisms to replace your addictive use of designer drugs. This type of behavior adjustment is a powerful way to transform your life and make it better.

Beating Addiction for Good

Are the dangers of designer drugs concerning you? Then please contact us at The Right Step right away to learn more. We treat our clients with the respect that they deserve on their quest for sobriety. And we provide a diverse and engaging recovery environment. This process includes inpatient, outpatient, aftercare, alumni programs, and chronic relapse help. We believe that everybody deserves a sober life and will fight to help your dreams come true. So please call 17135283709 today to verify your insurance.

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