Does Where You Live Make a Difference in Your Drug/Alcohol Recovery?

When we think about drug and alcohol recovery, the first thing that often comes to our minds are the hallowed hallways of some drug and alcohol treatment center or a newly released, recovered drug addict being embraced warmly by waiting family and friends. What we don’t think about or really take the time to consider is how that person is going to continue their recovery once he or she is outside of the facility and back in their respective communities. As with most recovering addicts, it can be extremely easy to fall back into the same pattern of drug abuse and drug addiction. But what sort of a role does the community you live in play? Do you live in an area where there is a lot of crime and drug use? How easy or difficult is it for you to acquire drugs? We need to take a closer look at these issues and find answers to these tough questions. Do you know someone who recovered from drug and/or alcohol abuse and was successful. Was it you? What sorts of odds are those who abuse drugs playing with once they are released from treatment? For more information about drug and alcohol treatment, please visit The Right Step today!

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