Partial Hospitalization for Addiction Treatment: What Is It?

You are struggling with addiction, and you need help. You worry about being away from your family for too long, though. Could partial hospitalization for addiction treatment be the right road for you? There are treatment options available to you for most needs. For some people, this particular type of care is ideal. At The Right Step, we offer a full range of treatment options to address most of our clients’ needs.

What Is Partial Hospitalization for Addiction Treatment?

Although the name implies a hospital setting, partial hospitalization for addiction treatment is an intensive outpatient treatment plan. Most often, it refers to an intense period of treatment that is done inpatient, followed by intense outpatient treatment. Many times, our clients will spend 4 to 6 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week receiving care. Many are able to go home after initial care.

When Is This Type of Care a Good Fit?

It’s not possible to say that one type of care is right for you or another is until you have a full assessment. However, there are many benefits to working with our team to find a good fit. For example, many people will need to start with a medical detox program. This is a period of three to 21 days in which your body will naturally remove the toxins while we provide you with medical monitoring and, in some cases, medication assistance. You’ll remain safely monitored during this process.

Many people with moderate to severe addiction need more intense treatment after they leave detox. In this case, you may need 24-hour support and monitoring. That is something that can be done through inpatient treatment centers. Many people spend several weeks in this program working on themselves.

Partial hospitalization for addiction treatment may be an option for some people who:

  • Have a safe, drug-free at-home environment
  • Are less at risk of relapse or overdose
  • Have the ability to come in with confidence for daily treatment
  • Have support at home
  • Are less of a risk of cravings and withdrawal symptoms

What Happens During This Type of Treatment?

At The Right Step, each person receives customized treatment designed to address their unique needs. This will often include individual therapy sessions where you’ll work with a licensed therapist to address the reasons for your drug use. You may also participate in group therapy sessions. These are opportunities for you to learn from, interact with, and engage with other people facing the same struggles you are.

From there, many people are able to explore opportunities for evidence-based treatment, such as dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Because you will spend a lot of time working with us in partial hospitalization for addiction treatment, you’ll also have access to holistic treatment options. That may include art or fitness therapy programs, for example.

The intensity and focus of partial hospitalization treatment is designed to help you break your addiction and build confidence in living day to day life without the need to use drugs or alcohol. We help you to find the tools you need to overcome triggers and minimize the frustrations you feel when dealing with stress. The goal here, like all treatment programs, is to help you get your life back by helping you to avoid relapse.

Invest in Your Future with Treatment from The Right Step

For many people, partial hospitalization for addiction treatment is the right treatment plan. You don’t have to make that decision just yet. Your first step is to contact our team at The Right Step to determine what care is right for you. Our team offers private consultations that can give you an idea of what to expect. Call us at 17135283709 to learn more now.

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