Signs of Drug Abusers at Work

No matter where you work, sharing your workplace with someone who shows signs of being a drug user can be distressing and worrisome. Whether it’s your co-worker, assistant, or boss who shows these signs of addiction, it can disrupt your day, create inefficiencies, and lead to real problems—fiscal, interpersonal, and even emotional. It is important to understand what the signs of being a drug abuser at work are so you can help facilitate treatment for those who need it. The Right Step is here to provide you with clear signs of drug abusers at work. If you believe you or a loved one needs help with drug abuse or addiction, contact our drug rehab center program in TX today.

Signs of Drug Abuse At Work

There are many different signs that one of your colleagues is struggling with drug addiction. Many of the signs will be related to their work performance as a result of using drugs. The signs of a drug user include the following changes in work performance:

  • Calling in sick, especially on Mondays and/or Fridays
  • Careless errors in the work he or she produces
  • Change in attitude or morale–apathetic or negative attitude toward the work and/or the employer
  • Resentments and complaints about aspects of the work itself or the workplace that he or she never complained about before

If you believe a colleague or a loved one is experiencing negative consequences at work due to drug use, reach out to get help immediately. A Texas addiction treatment center like The Right Step can help individuals overcome their drug use.

Personality Changes Due To Drug Use

In addition to changes in their work behavior, an individual may experience several personality changes due to their drug use. You may notice the following behavioral or personality changes:

  • Irritability
  • A change in habits, such as taking longer lunches, or going out to lunch if he or she always used to eat at his or her desk
  • Secretive behavior, such as making phone calls from odd places or overreacting to perceived threats to his or her privacy
  • A change in social circle, new friends, or withdrawing and isolating behavior

Physical Signs Of Drug Use

Substance use also has an effect on your physical appearance. Depending upon the drug, you may notice physical signs of a drug user:

  • Needle marks or wearing long sleeves to hide these marks
  • Sunglasses worn at odd times or indoors to hide bloodshot eyes or abnormal pupils
  • Sudden change in grooming or personal appearance, usually for the worse (messy or dirty clothes, less care taken with appearance overall, etc.)
  • Coughing, sniffling or runny nose
  • Frequent colds or other illnesses—a sudden change in overall health and poor resistance to common illnesses

Again, depending upon the drug, you may see signs of drug paraphernalia (pipes, rolling papers, needles, spoons, etc.) around the workplace. Drug use in the workplace can be dangerous, is likely illegal, and places co-workers or others at risk. If you see signs of drug use, discuss your concerns with your employee assistance counselor or human resources administrator. Taking these steps could help someone you work with get the treatment they need at a Texas drug rehab.

Contact The Right Step

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use and is showing the signs of drug abusers at work, there is help available. At The Right Step, we offer several options for treatment that work for you such as an individual therapy program, a group therapy program, a medical drug detox center, and more. Contact us today at 17135283709 to get started on your treatment journey. Our professional staff is able and willing to help you live a healthier life without substance abuse.

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