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The Top Five Reasons to Never Touch Alcohol or Drugs

The Top Five Reasons to Never Touch Alcohol or Drugs Everyone knows that living as a drug addict or an alcoholic is not a desirable, positive lifestyle. However, many people believe  using drugs and drinking alcohol is fine as long as you don’t take it to the extreme. Having a balanced view of life and all that is involved in it is an important part of living a healthy life. However, you might want to ask yourself whether or not you need to partake in drug use and whether or not it is in your best interest to drink alcohol at all. If you don’t use drugs, you never have to worry about becoming addicted to drugs, you never have to deal with the consequences of drug use and you never have to disappoint yourself or any of your family and friends by behaving in ways that are inappropriate due to intoxication. However, for an individual who has acquired the disease of addiction after a period of drug abuse and alcohol abuse, complete abstinence from drinking and drug use is essential. Alcoholics and Drug Addicts: 5 Top Reasons for Abstinence

  1. People who have acquired the disease of addiction are no longer capable of drinking alcohol and using drugs without experiencing any negative consequences. Countless individuals who have undergone treatment for drug abuse and alcoholism can describe the many tragic experiences they have had when attempting to just “try it again.”
  2. When recovering from active substance abuse addiction, including recovering from the physical, mental and emotional effects the abuse of drugs and the abuse of alcohol has had on both the life of the addicted individual, as well as on the lives of their family members, a process of rebuilding trust is generally involved. Loved ones have often either come close to giving up hope or have already completely lost all faith that their family member with an addiction will ever be true to their word and reliable again. When working to re-establish that trust, it only takes one bout of relapse into drug use or drinking alcohol to destroy the efforts the recovering person has been so diligently involved in.
  3. There are many side effects associated with drug and alcohol use. Drugs and alcohol can be especially dangerous to consume if you are taking any other medications. The way that your body may react to the combination of drugs and alcohol can range from mild to severe and in some cases has even been fatal.Physical and emotional side effects of drug use and drinking alcohol sometimes include irritability, slurred speech, slowed response/reaction time, drowsiness, irritability, anger management issues, dizziness, nausea, disorientation and distorted perception to name a few.
  4. People who start using drugs and drinking alcohol as a new activity are always at a risk of becoming dependent on drugs and of developing a dependency on alcohol. Many of these substances are highly addictive and the length of time that it takes to become addicted to drugs and alcohol varies greatly dependent upon a large number of factors.Because each case varies, someone who starts to drink and use drugs is putting themselves at risk for the development of this dependence on substances of abuse either over the course of a long period of time or sometimes only a very short period of time. You are always taking a risk of putting yourself under the control of the substance you consume, both in the specific instance where you become intoxicated, as well as afterward, and with this dependence comes a long list of potentially detrimental effects on you and on those whom you associate with.
  5. The cost is too high!

The overall cost involved once you develop an addiction to drugs or an addiction to alcohol is simply much too high for you and for those you love. Even prior to developing a dependence on substances of abuse, during those initial moments of intoxication while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you are giving up your ability to fully control your behaviors, as well as your ability to clearly ascertain the reality of the situation you are presented with. If you are a parent, and any kind of emergency occurs with your children, and you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, you will not be capable of providing your children with the protection and care they need. If you are employed, you are taking the chance that you may be unable to perform your professional functions the next day, hurting the team you work within and risking your stability as an employee, which thereby risks your ability to support yourself and your family. If you are involved in a romantic relationship, or are married, you are risking behaviors that would be potentially damaging to the health of your relationship. All of these many reasons and more demonstrate that the cost is simply too high in choosing to ever use drugs or drink alcohol. If you have already developed this dependence on drugs or a dependence on alcohol, it is still not too late to work toward achieving positive change in your life. You can receive treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction and work to steadily bring yourself back into a healthy state of living where you realize that abstinence is the only way to go!

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