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Top 5 Reasons Adolescents Don’t Want To Go To Addiction Treatment and Prefer to See Psychiatrists and Therapists

Ever wonder why youths with drug addictions or alcohol addictions seem to accept receiving treatment from a psychiatrist or therapist much more readily than accepting addiction treatment from professionals at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. At The Right Step, our extensive experience in helping adolescents recover from a substance abuse addiction has provided us with some insight we would like to share regarding this concern. While there are many reasons that residential addiction treatment may seem frightening to an addicted teenager, we have narrowed down the top five reasons familes are likely to reject alcohol and drug addiction treatment when suggested. Adolescent Addiction: Top 5 Reasons

  1. Teens with an addiction to drugs and alcohol often prefer to see psychiatrists or therapists, rather than to receive treatment for the disease of addiction because they can continue abusing drugs and alcohol without being confronted by peers who are trying to stop using addictive substances. A regular therapist who does not specialize in addiction is also less likely to confront your teen about the need to become completely sober than a well-trained addiction specialist would be.
  2. Regular therapy visits usually only occur on a weekly basis. This provides adolescents with the increased ability to manipulate caregivers and parents, creating the continued illusion they may have of a personal sense of control over their use of drugs and alcohol, as well as a sense of control over their own life choices.
  3. Psychiatrist sessions are typically only 15 to 30 minutes in duration while family therapist sessions often last for just 40 to 60 minutes. During these short time periods, it is not at all difficult for addicted teenagers to fabricate the nature of their true condition, thereby leading the adults involved to believe that they are not really suffering from the disease of addiction or that they have improved and stopped their drug abuse and alcohol abuse habits even when this is not true.
  4. A psychiatrist appointment is often quite a welcome idea to an adolescent who abuses drugs and alcohol since they either already know, or soon learn that they can get medication from the psychiatrist. New addictions to prescription medications may even be formed by the youth once they realize they can achieve similar desired results from drugs that are approved by parents, caregivers and psychiatrists.
  5. Unlike the experience a teen will have when receiving addiction treatment from a trained substance abuse professional at The Right Step, the adolescent can often easily use the time they spend with their therapist or psychiatrist to blame their parents for any problems they are having and receive sympathy that helps them avoid personal accountability for drug abuse and alcohol abuse habits.

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