Unique Amenities to Promote Holistic Healing

Spirit Lodge is a luxury rehab center that provides holistic rehabilitation with spa and concierge services, an executive chef, acupuncture, recovery fitness programs, and more. Guests feel welcome and rested after the hard work of recovering from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

The Spirit Lodge alcohol rehab and drug rehab facility is scenic and woodsy, creating a sense of relaxation. The tranquility and sense of comfort experienced within the addiction treatment environment allows each guest to focus solely on recovery from chemical dependency and encourages him or her to build a strong foundation for recovery and positive change. When a guest first walks through the door, he or she is greeted by a concierge prepared to organize a variety of activities from airport transportation and family week to amenity services and specialized menu. Inpatient rehab guests at Spirit Lodge are provided with specialized meals prepared by our team of highly trained chefs. The culinary team creates unique, gourmet cuisine. Substance abuse recovery is more than just kicking a habit, but also developing the ability to make better food choices that nourish the entire person. Another part of the recovery process is learning how to clear the mind and focus on finding one’s true emotional self. The spa is an optional amenity at Spirit Lodge which promotes mental and physical balance brought about by blood flow rejuvenation, increased muscle health, and improved peace of mind. In conjunction with the spa is acupuncture, a popular facet of holistic treatment plans for substance addictions, to help diminish withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Each new guest at Spirit Lodge is matched with a primary therapist. This therapist will be responsible for working closely with the guest and his or her loved ones to coordinate the appropriate recovery plan to meet the guest’s unique needs. Spirit Lodge provides as much support as possible to help guests achieve a lifetime of sobriety. The tranquility and sense of comfort received within our unique addiction treatment environment is the ideal back drop for immersing oneself in alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Spirit Lodge also provides an environment that helps families begin the healing process and support the building of a strong foundation for recovery and positive change. For more information on admission to Spirit Lodge, please call 844-877-1781.
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