What Are Roxxies?

What are Roxxies? Roxicodone, informally called “Roxxies,” is a brand name of the opioid drug oxycodone. They are legally available only by prescription for severe pain management since they carry a high addiction potential. While they are very effective when used correctly, their chemical nature means that even if you use them for legitimate medical reasons, you may develop dependency. The good news is that, with quality substance abuse treatment, it’s possible to regain a drug-free life.   

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What Are Roxxies and Why Are They Addictive?   

Roxxies are the hydrochloride salt form of oxycodone, and doctors may use them to treat severe pain where other non-opioid options are insufficient. Like all opioid medications, Roxxies act directly on the body’s central nervous system, intervening in natural dopamine pathways. Dopamine is a brain chemical that helps drive motivation to pursue basic needs like food, sex, and social inclusion. It likewise induces pleasure and a sense of reward when these needs are met.   

Opioids flood the natural dopamine circuit, producing intense pleasure linked only to taking the drug. Psychological addiction can thus develop because of the relaxation, pleasure, and sense of well-being that the drugs quickly bring about. There are a variety of circumstances that can impact the potential for opioid abuse, including mental illness, high life stress, and chronic pain.  

Opioids like oxycodone can also create chemical dependency because their strong impact on the dopamine circuit causes the brain to effectively “forget” how to regulate this important chemical on its own. Within a relatively short period of use, the brain begins to crave the drug for basic well-being. Intense physiological discomfort, meanwhile, occurs in its absence. What’s more, tolerance builds over time, meaning the person taking opioids needs increasing amounts to achieve the same effects.   

What Can I Expect from Treatment for Roxicodone Addiction?   

While Roxicodone treatment is customized to each client’s unique needs, there are several key features that most rehab programs share:  

  • Detoxification – During this challenging but essential first phase, clients undergo withdrawal from the substance or substances on which they’re dependent. In the case of severe addiction, it’s often best to withdraw within a hospital setting with 24/7 supervision.  
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – In this treatment approach, providers simultaneously address clients’ substance abuse and underlying mental health issues like depression or personality disorders. This is significant because mental health and substance abuse often mutually affect one another. A relapse in one area can trigger a relapse in the other, so treating both makes for the best results.  
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – A form of individual counseling, CBT teaches skills for cognitive reframing. This means clients learn to identify self-defeating thought patterns and emotional experiences and adjust them to more positive forms.   
  • Relapse prevention counseling – A subset of CBT, this form of counseling is very impactful for those in opioid addiction recovery. This offering teaches problem-solving and coping and gives clients the ability to name and avoid triggers that could lead to relapse.   
  • Group therapy – Group offerings such as family therapy or peer support groups can be a game-changer for those in opioid recovery. This is so because they repair damaged relationships and self-esteem and teach healthy social and communication skills. In peer groups, in particular, clients benefit from judgment-free support and accountability.  

Professional help and treatment is the safest and best option for breaking a Roxicodone addiction and achieving long-term success in recovery.  

Begin Your Healing Journey From Roxicodone Addiction with Promises Behavioral Health   

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