What is BORG Drinking?

Excessive drinking is a perennial problem among America’s older teenagers and young adults. Not only can it lead to accidental injuries and alcohol poisoning. It can also eventually lead to an urgent need for alcohol addiction treatment. Today, a new drinking trend with a significant potential to cause lasting harm: using a BORG container. This trend originated among college students and has since spread through various forms of online media. Awareness of it and its dangers may be vital in helping you or your loved one avoid serious health repercussions.

What Is BORG Drinking?

Exactly what is a BORG? The term was created as an acronym for what’s known as a blackout rage gallon. Containers with this name are gallon jugs that hold a mixture of alcohol, water, and a variety of additional ingredients. Common examples of these ingredients include:

  • Energy drinks
  • Electrolyte supplements
  • Powdered, fruit-flavored drink mixes

Typically, the form of alcohol used in BORG mixtures is vodka. However, other kinds of liquor may also be used.

Reasons for Using a Blackout Rage Gallon

Why do college students, adults, and teenagers participate in BORG drinking? Surprisingly, the motivation is often not a desire to consume large amounts of alcohol. Instead, many BORG practitioners are motivated by safety concerns. These concerns center on fear of having an open drink container that could be spiked with GHB or Rohypnol. By taking their own resealable container with them, BORG users hope to avoid the possibility of being drugged and sexually assaulted.

The Dangers of BORG

Nevertheless, public health experts are troubled by the rise of BORG culture. There are several reasons for these concerns. First, despite their good intentions, BORG users have a clear risk for excessive drinking. Even when diluted with water and other additives, the typical mixture contains large amounts of alcohol. Moreover, this alcohol is readily available for extended amounts of time. Taken together, these factors make it too easy to fall into a pattern of heavy drinking.

Another concern is the popular image of BORGs on social media. This image downplays the dangers of alcohol use. At the same time, it emphasizes the cool factor of taking part in the latest online trend. This skewed perspective can have severe, unintended consequences, as with the Tide Pod challenge and other past trends.

A third primary concern is a danger associated with all forms of excessive alcohol use. BORG culture provides another potential avenue for the dangerous practice known as binge drinking. You binge drink whenever you consume enough alcohol to reach legal intoxication in no more than 120 minutes. This practice is America’s leading form of excessive alcohol consumption. Its long list of potential harms includes:

  • Increased chances of developing a diagnosable alcohol use disorder
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Serious injury as a result of motor vehicle crashes or other accidents
  • Exposure to sexual violence
  • Increased chances of committing acts of sexual violence
  • Heightened risks for a variety of long-term health problems

Most people who use alcohol before the age of 21 take part in binge drinking.

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