Who Needs Drug Detox Programs and How Can You Get This Help?

Detoxification is a complex process, but a necessary one for men and women facing addiction. Who needs drug detox programs, though? Not everyone with an addiction will need to go through this treatment step, but many with moderate to severe addiction will need it. It’s hard to say what you’ll need. At The Right Step, we always ensure customized treatment is provided, which means providing a full assessment before providing care.

Who Needs Drug Detox Programs as a First Step into Care?

To determine who needs drug detox programs, our team of therapists and doctors work closely to provide our clients with a comprehensive physical, mental, and emotional assessment. During this time, we want to understand what is happening with your body and mental health due to your drug use. We also use information about cravings, blood screenings, and other data to determine whether you have alcohol and drug dependence and addiction.

Physical Dependence and Addiction Often Require Detox

To determine who needs drug detox programs, we want to determine what happens after you stop using the drug. Do you have:

  • Intense cravings
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Irritability and agitation
  • Physical ailments such as sweating or vomiting
  • Seizures

If you have an active addiction, which means you are using drugs and alcohol right now, you should consider the real benefit that detox can offer. It allows for your body to remove all of the toxins from it brought in through addiction. By doing this, it is possible to break the dependency the drug has created. Quite often, men and women will find they can’t stop using because their brain has changed so much so that it cannot work without those drugs. That makes it nearly impossible for you to simply stop using. Detox allows for this to happen.

What Are the Benefits of Detox?

When you enroll in our drug detox program, you’ll gain some key support and guidance. This may include:

  • Medical monitoring to ensure your health is stable
  • Mental health evaluations to address underlying concerns
  • The beginnings of treatment such as cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Medications to help minimize cravings
  • Medical care for your physical needs such as nutritional support

You may be one of the people who needs drug detox programs because your body is relying on the drug to function. However, by working through the process, you can gain some level of mental and physical stability.

Detoxing at home isn’t safe. It can present high risks for health complications. That is why those with drug and alcohol dependency benefit from working with our team at The Right Step to get comprehensive care.

What Happens After Detox?

Once you go through the detox process, you can then enter into care. This is often done through inpatient drug treatment. Here, you will spend time working on you and your health. You’ll learn why you are addicted and what tools you can use to help you to avoid using the substance again. You’ll learn every facet of how to manage your disease, so you have the best opportunity to recovery long term.

Most people will find that drug and alcohol treatment like this is beneficial because it allows you to work on healing yourself in a stable, drug-free environment where support is available if you need it.

Seek Out Treatment Options Available at The Right Step

When you learn more about who needs drug detox programs, it’s clear that this is very often the best first step for most people with drug addiction. It provides the foundation of treatment necessary to help men and women recover. At The Right Step, we encourage you to call our team first at 17135283709 to learn more about treatment options and drug detox.

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