Will I Need Extended Rehab Care or a Short Stay?

You know you need addiction treatment. You’re worried about what it may mean for the rest of your life. At The Right Step, we offer comprehensive treatment options, including programs that can help you right away. We often receive questions about this. “When will I need extended rehab care?” “How much time will it take for me to get care?” Every person is different, but the treatment that’s right for you is available.

What Is the Right First Step for You?

Before determining how long you need to spend in care, your doctors and therapists need to understand more about your condition and the severity of your addiction. Most people with moderate to severe addiction will need to begin care in a medical drug detox program. This type of program may range from just 3 days up to 21 days (on average). The amount of care you need in detox is determined based on your health, the type of drug you used, and how fast your body metabolizes it.

Will I Need Extended Rehab Care After This?

Once you complete detox if needed, most of the time, patients benefit the most from inpatient drug addiction treatment. This is a time when you’ll spend your time at The Right Step. We offer specific women’s and men’s addiction treatment programs. Inpatient care provides 24-hour care in a drug-free community where you’ll receive comprehensive care.

Many times, our clients spend up to 90 days receiving residential treatment like this. The length of this treatment plan depends on many factors, including how well you adjust to living without drugs and the complications you may have to deal with, such as mental health treatment.

During your time in residential care, you’ll work through many programs, each designed to give you the tools you need to do well after you leave. This may include:

  • Programs such as The Daring Way, designed to give you confidence
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Opportunities for holistic care such as with fitness therapy programs

You’ll also have your mental health, physical needs, and emotional health needs met during your stay with us. When you ask, “Will I need extended rehab care?” be sure to consider just how complex your care needs may be.

Going Home with Care

Some people do not require inpatient care. You may have a very stable at-home environment and a wide range of support to rely on. You may be able to stop using drugs or alcohol without significant withdrawal symptoms. In these cases, you may not need inpatient care but outpatient support.

Most of the time, clients who do complete inpatient care will continue on with more outpatient care. We do provide an aftercare program that is designed to prepare you for the challenges you’ll face back in your home. Yet, ongoing care through group therapy as well as individual care may also be good for you.

The length of time you’ll spend receiving outpatient care like this ranges widely based on your needs. Many people spend as much as six months getting ongoing support to ensure they have the tools they need to recover. This supportive design for services helps ensure you do not relapse.

Don’t Wait to Find Care – Turn to The Right Step First

When will I need extended rehab care? When can I just get care and live at home? It’s hard to know what to expect from any type of addiction treatment because each person’s needs are so different. That’s okay. At The Right Step, we provide comprehensive care for all of your needs. Contact our professionals today by calling 17135283709 and learn more about the solutions we can offer to you.

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