The Right Step DFW Central offers a full continuum of alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs as well as mental health care including inpatient detox, residential drug rehab, intensive outpatient care, a partial hospitalization program, and also aftercare. With convenient day and evening schedules, our intensive outpatient treatment program is ideal for individuals who work or attend college. The structured, supportive setting is an excellent solution for people who don’t require a higher level of care. Therefore, it is also an ideal option for those in need of continuing support after the completion of our inpatient alcohol and drug rehab program. To learn more, visit

We provide 24-hour admissions, 7 days a week at our DFW alcohol and drug rehab and also have a full team of licensed clinicians. Treatment is based on education and process groups where you’ll address destructive behavior patterns, uncover your strengths as well as learn recovery skills in a safe, caring environment. Loved ones are involved in treatment so that the whole family can heal and move forward.

The Right Step DFW Drug Rehab Center

People in group therapy at the Right Step DFW drug rehab center

The Right Step DFW addiction treatment center, located in the city of Euless, is conveniently situated between major cities and is easily accessible to people out of the immediate area because of its proximity to DFW International Airport.

Residences and Treatment Center

Residences and treatment activities are housed in the same building. Our facilities are both comfortable and functional with cozy furnishings and wood flooring throughout, several rooms for group and individual therapy, common areas for socializing, quiet spaces for reflection and a large cafeteria for meals.

You’ll share same-sex residences with peers who have similar struggles and life circumstances. Bedrooms are semi-private with en suite bathrooms. You’ll have access to outdoor patio areas, basketball and volleyball courts, as well as a full-service gym with trainers.

Nutritious Meals

Meals are served in Café Diem, our dining area. A nutritionist approves all of our menus to make sure meals are both delicious and nutritious. In addition to our main entrees, the salad bar is open during meals.

A Typical Day

Schedules and activities at The Right Step DFW vary depending on the day and whether you’re in the women’s or men’s program, but here is what you might expect from a typical day in treatment.

Mornings – You’ll ease into the day with morning meditation, breakfast and chores. Community groups and process groups take place during late mornings.

Afternoons – A healthy lunch is served at our onsite café. The rest of the afternoon is then filled with process groups and specialized groups like The Daring Way™, anger management, and addiction education. You’ll also have time for fitness and treatment assignments and some days we’ll go on outings in the community.

Evenings – After dinner, evening activities usually include personal time, 12-step meetings onsite or off campus, community meetings, and alos activities like alumni speakers or movie night.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program Highlights

Some features of our adult inpatient program include:

Gender-Separate Treatment

Our residences and DFW drug rehab center are gender-separate. This attribute encourages you to focus on treatment and getting better without feeling inhibited or distracted by the opposite gender.

Individual and group therapy

You’ll receive one-on-one psychotherapy to focus on individual issues and medication needs and also attend therapy groups run by licensed clinicians. Groups are designed to help you process thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; develop interpersonal skills; and learn to develop recovery skills and an overall healthy approach to life.

Addiction specialists

We have the distinction of having a board certified addictionologist, board certified psychiatrist and anesthesiologist onsite. Our expert addiction treatment staff includes two psychiatric advanced nurse practitioners, master’s level, licensed therapists and social workers. Many of our clinicians offer specialized therapies like dialectical behavior therapy as well as other approaches to treating mood disorders and other mental health issues.

Treatment for co-occurring mental health issues

We take a clinical approach to treatment with onsite therapists, doctors and highly trained clinicians who have experience working with a wide range of mental health issues. If needed, you’ll see our psychiatrist at least once a week and work with our dedicated psychiatric nurse practitioner who provides support for those with dual disorders.

Chronic Relapse Track

We offer a specialized chronic relapse track for addiction treatment that helps people prevent relapse before it happens. Clients learn what roadblocks have stood in the way of their sobriety and work with their treatment team to create a detailed aftercare plan that supports their long-term recovery.

Daring WayTM

Integrated into our treatment approach is best-selling author and renowned TED Talks speaker Dr. Brené Brown’s The Daring WayTM shame-resilience curriculum. Including recovery-enhancing exercises and tasks that address scarcity, comparison, and also shame, this approach teaches you to embrace vulnerability, become shame-resilient, and live life fully and authentically.

Rising StrongTM

Based on Dr. Brené Brown’s research and book “Rising Strong,” these groups build upon the work our clients do in The Daring WayTM shame-resilience groups. Clients learn that when we show up bravely and authentically, we may still stumble, and that’s this is okay. Groups offer ways to “get back up” and focus on lessons learned during setbacks.


Our onsite fitness instructor will create an individualized fitness plan for you based on a comprehensive assessment that seeks to rebuild balance, stamina and also physical health. Our facilities include an onsite gym and an outdoor sports court for basketball, tennis as well as volleyball matches.


Nutritional deficiencies are also common among people recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. Therefore, at The Right Step DFW drug rehab, our experienced nutritionist works with a professional chef and full kitchen staff to create nourishing, delicious meals. Cuisine can also be tailored to special dietary requirements as needed.

Education groups

You’ll participate in groups that focus on a particular addiction or recovery topic or assignment and which can also increase awareness of the disease of addiction and promote recovery and coping skills. Addiction is a chronic brain disease, and we, therefore, believe informing yourself about the characteristics of any disease is an important step in managing it.


Our connection with you doesn’t end when you complete residential treatment. The Right Step addiction aftercare program in Texas offers weekly groups run by a licensed clinician, as well as an active alumni program to provide you with a supportive community of other people in recovery.

Family focus

Recognizing that families of those with addictions also feel the impact, we work to heal both you and your loved ones. As clinically appropriate, you’ll also engage in family therapy and your loved ones may attend family support groups.

Therapies & Approaches Offered

  • 12-Step Meetings
  • CBT Therapy
  • DBT Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • The Daring Way™ Shame Resilience Curriculum

The Right Step DFW Drug Rehab Center Outpatient Schedule

Adult Group

Tuesday, Thursday
9 am-12 pm

Family Program

9 am-12 pm or 6-9 pm

Adult Group

Tuesday, Thursday
6-9 pm

Programs typically meet three times a week over an eight-week period (24 sessions). Each session lasts three hours (one-hour life skills and education, two-hour process group).

Location of the Dallas Right Step Addiction Treatment Centers

2219 W Euless Blvd Euless,
TX 76040
International Callers: 512-808-4057

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