A Change of Pace: Flexible Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment and therapy programs are spaces for people to receive education, guidance and intervention. All the necessary skills needed to cope with problems and make changes to improve their well-being. Because every person is unique, flexible addiction treatment is important to this process as well.

At The Right Step Centers in Texas, addiction professionals and clinicians understand that individuals of various ages experiencing differing problems demonstrate a wide range of different behaviors and symptoms. Experts at our addiction treatment centers Texas collaborate with clients to construct personalized treatment plans. These consist of achievable goals that give them the greatest chances of success. 

Clinicians and clients work together to alter plans as necessary in response to any setbacks or forward jumps during treatment. This empowers clients to react appropriately to the health and life changes they experience. And offers them a change of pace.

What’s in a Flexible Addiction Treatment Plan?

In mental healthcare, a treatment plan refers to a detailed set of procedures regarding someone’s condition, treatment options and goals, potential side effects and the expected duration of treatment. The customized treatment plans at this center consider various factors that can impact a person’s recovery, such as:

  • Age
  • Mental and physical health
  • Type and duration of substance dependence or abuse
  • Co-occurring conditions
  • Previous trauma
  • Will and desire to change and undergo treatment
  • Social support system
  • Personal preferences and beliefs
  • Family and work-life
  • Plans regarding ongoing care

At The Right Step, no two treatment plans are exactly alike because no two people—not even identical siblings—have the same experiences.

An Effective Treatment Plan Addresses Changes as They Come

Like life, treatment and recovery may be full of ups and downs. A customizable, flexible addiction treatment program allows you to acknowledge any positive or negative changes or events and respond accordingly. You will track improvements in your emotions, moods, thoughts, behaviors, relationships, self-esteem and life satisfaction. These are signs that your clinician-developed plan is effective and contributes to measurable positive changes in your life. Both these tangible markers and other intangible factors may influence clinicians to adjust your treatment plan, as you progress onto the next phase of treatment.

On the other hand, adverse side effects and worsened moods, thoughts, behaviors and other symptoms may cause you and your clinician to decide you need to attend more individual and group therapy sessions and adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

Embracing Change Empowers You to Succeed

When seeking treatment, it’s important to remember that recovery isn’t a linear process. But rather a journey of vulnerabilities, mistakes, learning, improving and starting anew. It’s important to acknowledge that change can be tricky. And hurt for a while, considering therapy and treatment often requires clients to deal with heavy emotions and situations. With a flexible treatment plan, you can validate any setbacks or forward jumps. We cater treatment in ways that encourage and support your understanding and acceptance of positive and negative experiences. Normalizing the need for flexibility in your addiction treatment plan allows you to get what you need the most from treatment.

Flexible Addiction Treatment at The Right Step

To receive treatment that meets you where you are and takes you where you need to be, seek high-quality professional care at The Right Step. Our addiction center Texas provides a full continuum of care for addiction issues. And we empower Texans with the resilience-building, tools, support and encouragement they need to regain control of their lives from addiction. Clients learn substance-free ways to handle stress, anxiety, shame, grief, anger or sadness at their own pace. Our customized treatment plans, include:

Calling The Right Step at 844.644.6665 is the first step. We offer judgment-free treatment and therapy you deserve in a safe space. From there, we go through a complimentary, private assessment. Our experts make accurate decisions regarding the flexible addiction treatment that will benefit you the most.

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