Individualized Addiction Treatment at The Right Step

A person’s health, personality, lifestyle and past and present experiences can play a significant role in the development, symptoms and treatment of a drug or alcohol dependency or addiction. Every person is unique, as is the life they have lived and the path they have followed. For this reason, individualized addiction treatment approaches make sense.

At The Right Step Centers in Texas, we understand that effective addiction treatment for substance use disorders requires understanding a client’s background.

Clients at The Right Step can enjoy a treatment process specifically centered on them. They receive care through flexible programs and curated treatment plans that address their needs and respond to the issues they experience at present.

Why Does Personalized Treatment Matter?

  • It builds on your individualized motivation for change, creating a greater likelihood that you’ll stick with treatment
  • Personalized treatment planning accounts for your past experiences and who you are as a person
  • It is flexible to allow you to incorporate elements that matter to you and distance yourself from the ones that don’t
  • It addresses dual diagnosis concerns
  • Personalized treatment can adapt as you and your needs change

The Motivation for Change

At the outset of treatment, it’s important to determine the source of someone’s motivation for change. This can help shape the treatment plan, and inspire accountability and responsibility for change in the person who needs it most: the client. 

Parents, family members, spouses, partners, friends and teachers might be some of the first people to suspect that someone they know may be struggling with addiction. The environmental conditions or behaviors that cause their loved ones to be rebellious, disruptive or withdrawn may be obvious indicators that something with them is “off.” Still, it is essential that individuals see for themselves the problems they’re having with interpersonal relationships, academics, work, eating, sleeping, emotional expression and daily responsibilities and functioning. 

Whether these changes are due to alcohol addiction or problems with prescription drug use, individuals who see the need to seek help can get the treatment and support they’re looking for right here in Texas.

Personalized Treatment Plan

The best center for those seeking help is one that implements treatment plans tailored to their specific needs. A treatment plan refers to detailed, recommended steps of intervention devised by a therapist or other professional after completing an assessment of the client. 

When creating such a plan, professionals typically provide an estimate for how long they expect a client will need treatment and help the client set goals for their time in the program. In cases where individuals receive medication as a part of therapy and treatment, clinicians consider any possible side effects into their clients’ plans. 

At The Right Step, Texans receive excellent relapse prevention tools and care required for lasting recovery and healing. The personalized treatment plans at this center consider a wide range of factors that can affect an individual’s recovery, including, but not limited to:

  • Age
  • Mental health and co-occurring conditions
  • Physical conditions
  • Type of substances used and kind of addiction
  • Length of substance use 
  • Previously experienced trauma
  • The client’s desire to change and willingness to undergo treatment
  • Family and social support systems
  • Home and work environment
  • Personal beliefs and preferences
  • Plans for ongoing care

No two treatment plans implemented at The Right Step are exactly alike because we understand that no two people are exactly alike or have identical life experiences.

Why Individualized Addiction Treatment is the Successful Way to Go 

Individualized addiction treatment is necessary for effective outcomes because every person’s past and experiences are different. Our perceptions of ourselves and the experiences that have shaped us can influence the way substance use disorder or other conditions impact us. Even people who habitually misuse the same substances as other individuals may find that alcohol or drug dependency or addiction has contributed to very different outcomes in their lives.

There may be some universal treatment criteria and a general, agreed-upon path for individuals to follow in recovery. Still, it is essential to know that treatment plans should be curated to a person’s unique needs because everyone may not benefit from an intervention the same way. For some, certain phases of treatment and recovery may take longer than others. Likewise, some individuals may not respond at all to specific treatment approaches. 

It is critical for clinicians to develop treatment plans and intervention choices that fit for each client, which they can do by taking the time to understand each person as an individual and considering their unique experiences. Developing an individualized addiction treatment plan may entail time, patience, trial and error, but doing so ultimately results in optimum recovery outcomes.

Treatment Plans: One Size Does Not Fit All

Individualized addiction treatment plans can be instrumental in the way a person heals. It may be easy for people to compare their condition and treatment to others, but it is essential to remember that everyone has differing past and present experiences. 

Events and stimuli that trigger or cause stress for one person may have no effect at all on another person and vice versa. Likewise, how long an individual has used a substance, how frequently they have been using it, the type of substance it is and the dosage they use can cause them to experience symptoms and health issues that vary from others. These factors can contribute to how prone a person is to experiencing specific withdrawal symptoms, side effects and other complications when they begin medical drug detox and treatment.

Another example of this involves knowing that while 12-step programs are generally effective at providing some structure and helping individuals in sobriety network with others, it is not right for everyone. While the steps remain the same for all individuals, no matter their history, they may not work equally well for all participants, and the spiritual nature of the program may turn some off.

The best clinicians and mental health professionals avoid trying to force a specific treatment model to be suitable for all clients. 

Individualized Addiction Treatment Plans Address Co-occurring Disorders

All substance abuse programs must factor in co-occurring mental health disorders into the treatment plan to stay current with best practices in trauma-informed treatment. These conditions can significantly impactrecovery and require particular treatment steps. Clients who may be struggling with the simultaneous occurrence of substance use issues and mental health disorders and the intersection of symptoms caused by these conditions benefit from dual-diagnosis treatment and a chance to address both at once.

The treatment team at The Right Step implements dual-diagnosis treatment because they are aware that mental illness and addiction are generally closely linked. While an individual may experience health problems that predate the development of addiction, continuous substance misuse can also lead to complications. For instance, prolonged substance use can contribute to changes in the brain’s chemical composition, and in some cases, the development of mental conditions.

Through dual diagnosis treatment at The Right Step, clients can receive treatment for addiction alongside disorders including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Bipolar disorder

Every dual-diagnosis case should be treated differently, as each individual may react to treatment differently. Therapy sessions may be an effective way to help clients manage symptoms they experience, while other individuals may need to take prescribed medications to enhance their treatment. To determine what clients need for success and develop a truly effective treatment plan, clinicians always start with individual assessments for clients.

Your Treatment Needs May Change, and So Can Your Treatment Plan

By participating in an individualized addiction treatment plan centered on yourself and your personal characteristics, habits, health and more, you can better understand of yourself, what you experience when you use substances and recover and why. Clients can learn about the underlying causes and contributors of addiction, through customized treatment, better understand their needs and apply this knowledge to everyday situations. These things ultimately empower them to make choices that help protect their sobriety as they move forward and continue progressing. 

Treatment and recovery, like life, can consist of ups and downs. Dealing with change can be uncomfortable and hurt for some time, as treatment often requires clients to confront feelings, behaviors, situations, conversations and people they may have been avoiding. An individualized plan can afford clients enough flexibility to acknowledge and respond to positive or negative events or changes that occur during treatment and recovery, as clinicians can adjust your plan as your needs fluctuate.

Embrace Change and Personalized Recovery at The Right Step 

For treatment personalized just for you, seek professional care from the professionals at The Right Step. Here, clinicians provide their clients with the information, support, encouragement, tools and resilience-building skills they need to get back control of their lives from substance use disorder and co-occurring mental, behavioral and emotional health issues. Clients at The Right Step are taught how to handle anxiety, stress, grief, shame, sadness or anger without resorting to substance use. At their own pace, individuals can grow and heal in flexible, customizable treatment plans such as:

A call to The Right Step at 844.584.1356 can get you started on the road to treatment and recovery. The judgment-free care, support and treatment you receive from the compassionate experts here can empower you to achieve total healing at your own pace and enjoy lasting sobriety.

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