Alcoholism Treatment Resources for College Students

For a number of reasons, college students consume alcohol at unusually high rates and have especially strong odds of participating in the dangerous pattern of consumption known as binge drinking. Unfortunately, not all colleges provide adequate resources for binge drinking treatment and other forms of alcohol treatment. Let’s look at the types of treatment resources available for college students.

College Drinking Essentials

Alcohol use is generally high among young adults. However, even within this group, college students have particularly high chances of consuming alcohol. Statistics consistently show that people enrolled in colleges and universities get drunk more often than their peers who are not enrolled in school. People enrolled in school also have a higher level of involvement in binge drinking, a practice that produces rapid intoxication and impairment. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that in 2015 (the last year with available figures), roughly 32% of all college students participated in binge drinking in a typical two-week period. Just 24% of young adults in the same age range who were not enrolled in college binged on alcohol in the same span of time.

Available Treatment Resources

Resources for binge drinking treatment and other forms of alcohol treatment are not uniform on America’s college campuses. Some colleges provide fairly comprehensive resources and do such things as:

  • Provide students with housing that does not allow the use of any substances, even for individuals of legal age
  • Maintain on-campus counseling services provided by addiction specialists
  • Encourage participation in on-campus 12-step programs, and
  • Create broader on-campus recovery communities that support students seeking to achieve and maintain sobriety

The U.S. Department of Education periodically issues reports on the colleges and universities that do the best job of providing adequate treatment resources for their students.

Seeking Other Resources

Since not all colleges provide sufficient treatment resources, students must often seek off-campus help for their alcohol (and drug) problems. Fortunately, in most areas throughout the U.S., there are plenty of effective treatment programs available. A well-designed alcohol treatment program can help young adults in college attain sobriety and learn how to cope successfully with the deeply entrenched drinking cultures found on many campuses across the nation.

Look For Alcoholism Treatment Resources for College Students at Right Step

If you need alcoholism treatment resources for college students, Right Step may be able to provide these services for you. We know that alcoholism has taken over your life, making it impossible to concentrate on your classes. We want to help. At Right Step, we provide holistic and evidence-based therapies to assist in your alcohol addiction treatment. Holistic therapies are therapies that treat your entire self-mind, body, and soul. Evidence-based therapies, conversely, are therapies that scientists and medical professionals have researched thoroughly to ensure that they can help you. We offer several options, such as:

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