woman holding prescription pill between fingers thinking about the difference between opioids and opiates

Difference Between Opioids and Opiates

The words opioids and opiates often get used interchangeably. And while the two words do sound similar, is there any difference between the two? After all, if you’re seeking out a prescription drug addiction treatment center in TX, you want to make sure you’re going to a location that specializes in what you’re struggling to…

Somebody Put Purple in My Drank

Rapper Lil Wayne was recently hospitalized in the intensive care unit after suffering from seizures apparently related to his abuse of “sizzurp,” otherwise referred to as “purple drank.” The events of the weekend have put the spotlight on the drink, which is particularly popular in hip-hop communities in the South, and has been implicated in…

Pill Mills in Our Own Back Yard: Harris County Texas provides easy access for prescription pill abuse.

Recent data collected by the Texas Department of Public Safety demonstrates that in Harris County obtaining a prescription for often abused controlled substances is very easy. In fact, some of the highest prescribing doctors in the state reside right here in Houston’s largest county, Harris County. The clinics responsible for the highest numbers of abusable medications are known as “pill mills” because they appear more like mass-production factories than actual medical clinics.