How Can Chronic Relapse Treatment Centers Help You?

woman receives treatment at a chronic relapse treatment center

Drug and alcohol addiction can strike anyone from any walk of life. Rich and famous athletes, entertainers, political leaders, and others all fall prey to the lure of drug and alcohol addiction. Former Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton struggled with very high-profile drug and alcohol addiction relapse. When you or a loved one struggle with maintaining sobriety after treatment, seek a chronic relapse treatment center that can provide the care that you need.

Relapse is not a failure. Recovery is a lifelong project, and that means that slipups and mistakes happen. Therefore it is vital to seek a treatment program that plans for the future, whether you need drug rehab, alcoholism treatment, or a benzo addiction treatment center in Texas. Compassionate care at a chronic relapse treatment center helps you identify triggers and work on coping skills you will need to create your new life.

Struggles With Chronic Relapse

Chronic relapse with alcoholism and drug addiction is a very pervasive problem. Up to 90 percent of recovered addicts and alcoholics slip up at least once afterward, and often many times. There are many reasons for triggering a relapse. Those could include:

  • Seeing drug paraphernalia
  • Visiting places where drugs are available
  • Being around people who are using drugs or drinking

Psychologists identified a two-stage process that triggers relapse and the need for help from chronic relapse treatment centers. In the first stage, the addict seeks a reward from the drug, rather than engaging in more productive behavior. The greater the perceived reward, the stronger the urge to engage in the unwanted behavior. Many people will forgo sleep, eating, and even sex to obtain the reward.

The second stage involves remembering and liking the places where the addict got the drugs that produced the reward. Those familiar surroundings and settings can trigger the thought patterns that fed into addiction. Therapy, like a cognitive behavioral therapy program, can help identify these triggers and negative thought patterns. Continuing a therapy program will give further support for each individual, so they can maintain recovery and keep moving forward.

How Chronic Relapse Treatment Centers Help

Chronic relapse treatment centers provide invaluable services to recovering alcoholics, drug addicts, and their families and friends. They help to keep addicts away from drugs and alcohol, and better control their urges that lead to relapse. The Right Step treatment centers, located across Texas, offer many outstanding treatment options. They include:

Our staff is highly trained and skilled at helping Texas families overcome the often high cost of addiction and alcoholism. We provide hope when many see things as hopeless so that you can resume your lives and put chronic relapse from alcoholism and drug addiction in the past.

Get Help for a Relapse Today

The Right Step provides an ideal environment for recovery from addiction and chronic relapse. The chronic relapse treatment centers offer highly trained, experienced, and dedicated staff. Therapists and counselors lead evidence-based therapy programs that help each individual identify the roots of their addiction. You don’t have to let drug and alcohol addiction control your life. If you or someone you know is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, call The Right Step at 713.528.3709 for help.

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