Detox & A Plan: Hope for Chronic Relapse

While many people may be aware that drug and alcohol abuse can significantly change an individual’s life, they may not know how much of a challenge it can be for some people to achieve and maintain sobriety when detox and chronic relapse are cyclical patterns. 

Staying sober after the first attempt at recovery can be more challenging for some people than others, especially those without a supportive community or those not involved in long-term treatment. When treatment doesn’t work the first, second or even a third time, we call that chronic relapse. 

With the help of mental health professionals and addiction recovery specialists like those at The Right Step Centers in Texas, people seeking treatment can overcome chronic relapse through medically supervised detox, research-based treatment programs and individualized care. When you undergo quality detox and work with our trained professionals to put a relapse prevention plan in place, your chance at success is much greater. 

What is Chronic Relapse?

People who experience chronic relapse may stop drinking alcohol or using drugs but ultimately pick up their old habits again and restart their addictions. Some people may have extended recovery periods, receive thorough information about their condition, and learn practical recovery tools, yet still find it difficult to remain sober.

Why Do People Experience Chronic Relapse?

Chronic relapse refers to a repetitious cycle in which an individual desires sobriety and stops using substances but returns to drug use or alcohol consumption. Many people may be prone to relapsing because addiction is a chronic disease. Relapsing may be more likely for individuals when:

  • Their social environment remains the same after treatment
  • Underlying psychiatric or psychological issues still require treatment
  • Major life events like marriage, divorce or loss occur

It’s crucial for individuals working toward sobriety to understand that relapsing doesn’t mean that the treatment options they tried failed. For effective treatment, find an addiction center with a team of dedicated experts who understand that relapse can occur in the recovery process for some people and implement evidence-based techniques, medication and treatments designed to help with preventing relapses.

Receiving Treatment for Chronic Relapse

Individuals who experience relapse should never forget that picking up their old habits doesn’t mean they failed or that they’ll never achieve long-term sobriety. There is hope for overcoming this obstacle. At a top-notch treatment center equipped with addiction recovery specialists, people can get individualized care and treatment that uniquely responds to anything in their lives that could trigger a relapse. 

Going to group therapy at a treatment center, for instance, can be beneficial and increase one’s hopes for achieving sobriety. Doing so enables people to form bonds with others who know what they’re going through and might be able to recognize the warning signs of a relapse.

Regain Control With The Right Step Centers

Overcoming addiction and chronic relapse can be difficult, but the benefits of the recovery process can outweigh any challenges. The compassionate specialists at The Right Step understand that some people may have difficulty turning away from the substances they’ve grown used to using. At our Texas-based centers, our clients receive individualized care and knowledge that helps them understand the mechanisms of addiction and gives them ways to overcome this affliction. 

Effective evidence-based treatment and detox programs offered include:

The admissions process starts with a confidential, complimentary assessment that allows professionals to make accurate decisions regarding which treatment options will work best for you. Make a call to The Right Step at 844-767-9388 to begin the recovery journey you need and deserve.

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