What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Do I Need It?

When you are facing drug and alcohol addiction, you want to choose the very best treatment option that is available to you. There are many options out there. It is confusing to know which one could be a good fit for your needs. One question many ask is about CBT. What is cognitive-behavioral therapy? It is one of the hallmark treatments used for many years to provide men and women with addiction support. Read on to learn how it can help you in your recovery.

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What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

So, what is cognitive-behavioral therapy, exactly? Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a specific type of talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy, designed to help men and women with drug and alcohol addiction as well as mental health needs. Most of the time, you complete this type of therapy with a licensed therapist and in a one-on-one setting. It is very structured and does not require numerous sessions to learn. However, it can help people become more aware of their negative or improper thinking, leading to challenging outcomes. The goal is to help you to stop the negative thoughts so you can achieve better results.

How Does Cognitive Behavior Therapy Work?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a very powerful tool that is used alongside other treatment options. It can also help people with conditions linked to addiction, such as post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. How does it work?

First, you will meet with your therapist to discuss whether or not this treatment option is right for you. They will then work with you to talk about the negative thoughts you have. Then, you will learn how to recognize the origin of those thought processes. When you learn to notice them, you will then be able to learn strategies to help you stop them from progressing.

For example, you may become frustrated with a relationship. You start thinking about how horrible this situation is, which leads you to think about using drugs to cope with it. Your negative thoughts can often lead to drug use without you even realizing it. When you learn what cognitive behavioral therapy is, you find that you can start to sense those negative thoughts and stop them. That, in the end, allows you to stop moving towards drugs to manage your situation.

How Can We Help You to Turn the Page on Drug Addiction?

When you come in for drug and alcohol detox as well as residential drug treatment at The Right Step, you gain access to our team of professionals who have this type of treatment option available to you. It can provide you with the foundation for your recovery.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of several types of treatment options available to you. For many people, this, along with other drug treatment programs we offer, can help you to gain more control of your thoughts and actions, allowing you to turn the page on your health and regain control over your long-term recovery. Take the time to learn more about how well this treatment can work for your goals by contacting our team for an assessment to get started.

Choose the Care Right for You at The Right Step

Most people are unsure what type of care is best for their needs—learning what cognitive behavioral therapy is essential to determine if it’s a good fit. However, before you can get this type of care, you will benefit from turning to a location that offers a wide range of treatment options. At The Right Step, we’re here to help you as you consider all options available. Please feel free to contact us at [Direct] to learn more.

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