How to Fill Your Time Sober in Quarantine

Are you wondering how you are supposed to fill your time sober in quarantine? Perhaps you know that you need a comprehensive treatment program. The Right Step continues serving clients in need of treatment during the coronavirus pandemic. A difficult task for individuals in recovery is how to fill your time sober during this quarantine. There are many ways to maintain sobriety while participating in a wide range of activities and opportunities. It is difficult to stay sober during these difficult times, but The Right Step is here to help you along every step of the way.

Staying Sober During COVID-19

Staying sober during COVID-19 presents unique challenges for individuals who need a substance abuse treatment program. Discover how to remain sober without losing your ability to escape boredom.

One way that you can stay clean and sober during this time is to stress the importance of self-care. Take care of your personal hygiene the same as you would when going to work, shopping, or to a meeting. Who doesn’t feel better after a shower and putting on clean clothes?

Your sober support system is not lost when you are trying to fill your time sober in quarantine. Contact your sponsor online through Skype, Facetime, or through telephone calls. If you are in an individual therapy program, keep this contact going throughout the quarantine.

How to Fill Your Time Sober

Maintaining your mental health during times of social distancing and quarantine are extremely important. There are several things you can do to improve your mental health during this time. This includes understanding the risks of giving in to temptations.

One important point that the organization points out is to ‘be your own advocate.’ Ensure that you have everything that you feel that you need to fill your time sober in quarantine. This includes food, maintaining contacts, and seeking help if needed while still in quarantine. Additional suggestions  include:

  • Maintain a predictable schedule to support your physical and mental health
  • Participate in online recovery meetings
  • Become aware of your rationalizations to relapse and write down a reason to maintain your sobriety
  • Take solo breaks from family members and go for a walk or put on headphones while listening to music

Discover New Ways to Stay Sober

Is there an activity or hobby that you meant to participate in ‘someday?’ It is now someday. Free online activities offer excellent ways to fill your time sober during the quarantine. Consider the free cooking lessons or free recipes available on a number of sites online, such as America’s Test Kitchen.

Several websites offer free exercise classes. Enter ‘free exercise’ in search and look for the one that most interests you. The American College of Sports Medicine explains that moderate-intensity exercise helps boost the immune system. Remember that many people with substance use disorders likely have a compromised immune system. Walk briskly around the house or perform outside activities such as walking or gardening to stay active.

You do not have to be a genius college student to take a free college class. Even colleges and universities such as Harvard, and Columbia University are offering free online classes.

Contact The Right Step

You recognize that you have to go out sometime soon after the pandemic is over. Is the temptation too great? There is help available to help you overcome substance abuse right now. Our holistic therapy program in TX is still serving clients that need to learn how to fill your time sober during the quarantine. Learn to regain control over your life, even during a pandemic. Contact The Right Step at 17135283709 today.

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