Depression: A New Kind of Gateway Drug

There’s a new kind of drug out, and it’s called Depression. Ok, so depression isn’t a drug per se; but doesn’t it function as a kind of gateway to other drug involvement? Think about it. All the Money Can’t Buy You Happiness We live stressful lives. Some of us lead more stressful lives than others; but one thing is for certain- we have to find a way to deal with any sorts of hardships that may arise. That being said, depression is something that we all need to pay careful attention to. Many of us do not handle stress well. As a result, we become depressed. According to, here are some quick facts:

  • Depression can alter chemicals in your brain.
  • Most people who are depressed never seek help.
  • Symptoms include but are not limited to: lack of energy, irritable, lack of concentration

So, Why Bring All of This Up? There is a direct correlation to depression and drug use, which is often not discussed. Many people who are depressed try to self-medicate via alcohol or drug use. And while depression is treatable via therapist sessions and/or prescribed medication, many of the prescribed medications actually end up causing more problems than there were to begin with since many prescribed medications are addictive. In order for substance abuse to be treated effectively, the underlying depression must be addressed just as effectively. This often means participating in a residential rehab program. For more information about drug and alcohol treatment, please visit The Right Step today!

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