17135283709 to stop the effects of alcohol on the body. Start alcohol rehab." /> 17135283709 to stop the effects of alcohol on the body. Start alcohol rehab." />

Physical Effects of Alcohol

Many people consider alcohol a “safe” drug. Even so, it can produce many long and short-term health changes from the effects of alcohol on the body. Learn to recognize the physical effects of alcohol and identify when it is time to visit alcohol detox centers in Texas.

Physical Effects of Alcohol

According to Healthline, the physical effects of alcohol begin the minute you start drinking. Consume too much, and you may stagger, slur your speech, or experience extreme mood swings. When impaired, your coordination and reaction time are also affected. This relationship is why you should never drive or operate machinery while under the influence.

Serious Health Effects

Long-term health problems can also result from chronic alcohol abuse. One of the most common is cirrhosis of the liver-a condition that women experience more often than men. Cirrhosis occurs when your liver can no longer remove toxins, leading to scar tissue that eventually destroys it.

Alcohol interferes with digestion, resulting in bloating, gas, and frequent diarrhea. Your pancreas may also produce too many enzymes, thereby leading to chronic pancreatitis. Some other physical effects of alcohol can be:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Central nervous system damage
  • Diabetes complications
  • More frequent viral infections
  • Heart damage
  • Cancer
  • Dangers in pregnant women

The effects of alcohol on the body become even more severe when a pregnant woman drinks, as the unborn baby has an increased risk of having congenital disabilities. The child may also develop Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, in which case the brain may not develop properly. If you are expecting, you must seek treatment now if you have an alcohol abuse problem.

When to Seek Treatment for Physical Effects of Alcohol

It’s time to visit our women’s and men’s alcohol rehab center in Texas when you can no longer control your drinking. Maybe you start out thinking you will only have one or two, but always wind up intoxicated. Perhaps you find yourself unable to function unless you have had a drink. Either way, these are signs of a more severe alcohol problem.

Don’t wait until you experience serious legal, financial, or relationship problems before seeking help. At The Right Step, we provide you with all the tools you need to get and stay sober.

Alcohol Rehab Center Programs

If you or a loved one has experienced the physical effects of alcohol first hand, visit The Right Step. Here, you can take advantage of our numerous programs, which include:

  • Medical detox
  • Inpatient drug rehab
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Aftercare

We design our treatment programs to treat you mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. By treating the whole person, your odds of getting and staying sober significantly increase. We also customize our treatment plans to best suit each person. Don’t struggle any longer when the care you need is available at The Right Step.

Contact The Right Step Today

The longer you delay treatment, the more likely it is you will experience severe physical effects of alcohol. If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol abuse, contact The Right Step. We’ll help guide you on a path to recovery so that you can become your old self again. Please call us at 17135283709 to begin your journey.

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