Signs of Codependency

Living with someone who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol is never easy. Regardless of how many times you have tried to make it work, you may find yourself ignoring your needs so that you can make life easier for the person who has the addiction. As a result, you may start to exhibit signs of codependency.

Just like an addiction, codependency typically arises out of false beliefs and behaviors that turn into dangerous patterns. Even when a person knows that their partner or a family member needs help, they too have grown comfortable with the addiction to the point of not wanting a change.

However, codependency eventually destroys both the addict and those who are caring for them. Let’s take a closer look at the signs of codependency and what a person can do to get help.

What is Codependency?

Trying to figure out if you have a codependent relationship can be challenging at best. Why? Because a codependent relationship means something different to each person. Codependence involves thinking or acting in a destructive way to keep a relationship going.

You may depend on the other person to act or think a certain way. However, that person does not meet your expectations. As a result, your relationship continues to have numerous problems that you or the other person fails to address. As you probably already know, this dynamic in your relationship continues to spiral out of control until something drastic happens.

What Are the Signs of Codependency?

Codependency is not always easy to identify. One of the reasons for this is because the focal point is typically on the person who has the addiction, not the person who is dealing with it. So, an individual may act in a way that fuels the addiction without anyone realizing it – including the individual.

Here are some signs of codependency to look for, including:

  • Difficulty making decisions in or about the relationship
  • Never knowing how you feel from one day to the next
  • Wanting approval from the wrong people and for the wrong reasons
  • Fear of being abandoned by the addict or other people
  • Having an exaggerated sense of responsibility in the home
  • Continuing an unhealthy relationship regardless of the consequences

How Does Codependency Affects Relationships?

The effects of a codependent relationship are different for every family. Some of the most common things that happen in codependency include:

  • Repressed emotions or feelings
  • Family members coping with problems instead of dealing with them
  • Emotional or mental health disorders that arise out of the conflict
  • Some type of abuse: physical, verbal, sexual, or mental
  • The end of a relationship: someone finally gives up and walks away

If you do not address the problems that exist in the relationship, they will only get worse. The good news is that there is treatment available. You do not have to take on these problems alone.

Treatment for Co-Dependency

Treatment for co-dependency typically begins with individual therapy sessions. A therapist can help individuals identify unhealthy patterns and behaviors, and develop strategies to manage codependency. The goal of treatment is to increase an individual’s self-awareness and gain insight into the dysfunctional relationship dynamics that exist in a codependent relationship.

Individuals may also be encouraged to engage in behavior therapy, which focuses on gradually replacing unhealthy habits with healthier ones. It can help individuals learn new coping skills and develop healthier boundaries in relationships. Group counseling is another effective treatment option for co-dependency. This type of therapy involves discussing issues within a supportive group setting and helps participants learn from each other’s experiences.

Finally, lifestyle changes can also help individuals overcome co-dependency. This includes engaging in activities that foster personal growth and self-care. Practicing mindfulness techniques such as meditation and yoga can also be beneficial for reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Through treatment and lifestyle changes, individuals can learn to build healthier relationships with others and break the cycle of co-dependency.

The journey to recovery from co-dependency can be challenging and takes time, but with the right treatment and lifestyle changes, individuals can learn to break unhealthy patterns and build healthier relationships. With patience and perseverance, individuals can experience a brighter future.

Get Help for Codependency at The Right Step

If you are trapped in a codependent relationship, then now is the time to get help. The Right Step offers comprehensive treatment for codependency. We can help you identify the signs of codependency can get the right treatment. To find out more about your treatment options, call 17135283709.

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