How to Live with a Love Addict

Living with a love addict isn’t easy. Your partner may have a lot of unrealistic expectations of you. She may be too needy or obsessed with romance. Maybe she spends more time with her romance novels and romantic movies than with you. The challenges of living with and loving a love addict are serious, but you can do it, and the first step is to ensure that your partner gets help.

What Is Love Addiction?

So how do you know that your partner is a love addict? Maybe she has already been diagnosed, or maybe you just suspect it. Love addiction can take a lot of different forms, but if you notice some unhealthy behaviors and patterns in your partner related to love, romance and intimacy, you may be dealing with a love addict. Love addiction basically means being addicted to the idea of being in love, to a partner, to romantic ideals, to infatuation or to intimacy.

Living With and Loving Your Love Addict

Being a love addict and living with a love addict are unhealthy. Being addicted to anything has negative life consequences, and when that addiction is related to love, it is detrimental to a healthy relationship. Here are some important ways to cope with the love addict you love:

  • Get help. You cannot sustain a relationship with a love addict without addressing the problem, so the first thing to do is to get her help. Seek a professional therapist with experience helping love addicts and attend sessions together and independently.
  • Be patient. Once your partner is getting help, you may be eager to see changes in her behaviors, but you have to be patient. Change takes time. Be supportive and caring while she works through her issues.
  • Be realistic. There is no love addiction cure, unfortunately. Your partner may always struggle with her addiction. She may relapse. But if you love her, then be prepared for this reality.
  • Provide space as needed. As part of your partner’s treatment, you may need to give each other space. Many love addicts are needy of affection and demand time and attention. To support her, give her some space.
  • Take care of yourself. Supporting someone with any kind of addiction is difficult. Make sure you take time for yourself to relax and unwind. Take time away from your partner if necessary.

Understanding love addiction is important if you love someone suffering with this condition. It sounds silly, but love addiction is both real and serious. Support your partner as she gets help. Be there for her and be patient. Take care of yourself too, and don’t neglect to address your needs throughout this process. Participate in therapy if it helps or if you are encouraged to do so, and remember, things will get better.

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