Surviving the Holidays

Drinking Danger During Holidays

Knowing the Temptations at This Time Can Help You Beat Them

MedHelp, which bills itself as the “World’s Largest Health Community,” offers a forum on its website designed to let people recovering from addictions share what they’re going through during various points of their quest. With the holidays coming soon, two posts, in particular, seem particularly noteworthy: “Holiday time is fast approaching and can be full of stress and triggers. We see relapses happen during this time. The first year I was clean I was told by a very wise person to hit the meetings real heavy, and that is what I did. “There are office parties and family gatherings … our minds can play some real games with us during this time. For some of us money is tight, and that causes stress. Or the family gatherings have alcohol, and people will make comments to you about not drinking. Some may not know you are no longer using and will have a “gift” for you. “Pick and choose where you go and surround yourself with others who share and support you in your recovery. Your sobriety/clean time should always be the number one priority. Protect it with your life.” – Sara and Gnarly “As some of you are aware, my wife and I lost our five-year-old son in a terrible drowning accident in a pond not more than 30 yards from our house.” “With God’s help and miraculous grace, we have made it through the experience but not without some emotional scars. You see, his birthday is the day after Christmas, so this time of year is extremely hard for us. “It would be easy to pop a bunch of pills and hide from the hurt this time of year, but to be honest, I wasn’t taking or abusing opiates at all when we lost him, and I’m glad I wasn’t. I couldn’t imagine dealing with all of the emotion while high on pain killers and I can’t imagine going through Christmas on pain killers this year. I need to be in my right mind and be sober this Christmas, and that is exactly what I intend to do.” – Mike The Right Step’s staff knows just how hard the holidays can be for those battling chemical dependency, and we would love to help you get through them in a safe and sober way. Please call us at 844-877-1781 or visit the The Right Step website.

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