The Importance of Trans-Friendly Treatment

Taking that first step to get clean and sober is hard. It might seem like everything is working against you — your body is fighting withdrawal symptoms, and your mind is tossing up every flavor of denial it can come up with. The last thing you need is a treatment that makes you feel worse. Additionally, LGBTQ addiction treatment needs to be sensitive and responsive to the specific needs of this community.

There is a need for transgender-friendly drug rehab that supports those in the LGBTQ community, especially transgender individuals. Contact 17135283709 today or fill out our online form if you require treatment.

The Need for Transgender-Friendly Treatment Centers

The need for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning (LGBTQ) addiction treatment is well-documented in the research. The statistics tell the story: LGBTQ people make up a disproportionately high percentage of people struggling with addiction but a disproportionately low percentage of people receiving treatment.

There are many reasons that LGBTQ individuals often turn to substance use to cope, and these include:

  • Not being accepted by family or society
  • Not having legal protections that others enjoy
  • More likely to be in poverty due to discrimination
  • Discrimination in housing, employment, and education
  • Higher rates of mental health disorders due to compound stress of oppression
  • More likely to be victims of hate crimes and violence

These are just a few reasons LGBTQ individuals may face more significant addiction risks. They must have access to specialized treatment that addresses their unique needs.

For some people in the LGBTQ community, seeking targeted LGBTQ addiction treatment might feel unnecessary or undesirable. For some, it is more comfortable to identify as an addict first, with gender identity or sexual orientation a secondary and potentially unrelated issue.

However, for many members of the LGBTQ community, the experiences in addiction treatment are another instance where being misunderstood, feared, despised, or discriminated against (or at the very least, made to feel awkward, uncomfortable, or different). It goes without saying that those experiences do not create a supportive environment for recovery from addiction.

Why Trans-Friendly Treatment?

Trans-friendly treatment centers are a crucial part of the recovery landscape. The goal is to provide comprehensive and effective addiction treatment and ensure LGBTQ individuals feel safe and accepted throughout the process.

Transgender individuals often face unique challenges regarding gender identity and expression that non-transgender people do not experience. These include:

  • Homophobia and transphobia exist among treatment professionals. It may not be pervasive, but you can trust that a trans-friendly treatment program has specifically addressed the issues with staff and that ongoing training continues to support the team in providing sensitive and appropriate treatment to all clients.
  • Co-morbidity of mental health issues. Research has shown that people with addiction issues who are trans or other members of the LGBTQ community are more likely also to experience depression, anxiety, and emotional trauma. Thus, for some people struggling with addiction who are transgender, the route to addiction began as self-medicating for other issues. Until those issues are addressed, addiction treatment is hindered.
  • Getting sober involves breaking through denial and getting honest. Doing so can be a painful and shattering process in which years or even decades of guilt, shame, blame, and other deeply painful emotions may come up and need to be processed. Doing that work in an emotionally and physically safe place is critical to doing it as fully and effectively as possible. For people who are transgender, such safe zones can be hard to find. LGBTQ addiction treatment makes that safety a priority.
  • Beyond language and bathrooms. While using respectful terminology and gender-neutral bathrooms are positive, concrete, and visible changes to make in the treatment community, trans-friendly treatment goes deeper than that. Helping people who are transgender to work through the cultural issues of living in a hostile world is an essential aspect of this type of substance abuse treatment. Developing healthy coping strategies is a crucial aspect of trans-friendly treatment.
  • Transphobia in the health care environment. For many trans people, seeking health care or other professional services has likely been a minefield of assumptions, prejudices, and discrimination. Reversing that experience and ensuring that substance abuse treatment is provided safely and respectfully improves outcomes.

Trans-friendly treatment seeks to repair trust and create deep, meaningful connections for healing.

Transgender-Friendly Addiction Treatment with Right Step

At Promises Right Step, we recognize the need for transgender-friendly drug rehab that provides an environment of understanding, acceptance, and compassion. Our staff is highly trained in LGBTQ issues and works with all individuals on a personalized basis to provide the best addiction treatment possible. We also offer virtual and outpatient programs for those who need a more individualized approach.

We understand the importance of fostering an environment where LGBTQ individuals feel safe, accepted, and supported during their recovery journey. We have created a program to meet the unique needs of this critical community. Contact us today at 17135283709 to learn more about our programs or complete our online form.


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