Top 5 Rehab Blogs to Check Out

If you’ve been looking for a rehab blog for guidance and insight, there are a number of outstanding options that might be worth your while. The virtual recovery community is extensive and deeply committed to sharing its collective wisdom, and you should have no trouble finding bloggers who you can relate to and who offer the type of advice and support you need. There are literally hundreds of bloggers in addiction recovery who are posting about their lives and experiences on the Internet. Whether you’re seeking one outstanding rehab blog or several you can visit regularly for inspiration you should be delighted by the available variety of choices. To get you started, here are five rehab blogs you should check out right now. All are popular and come highly recommended by visitors. They represent a good sampling of what you can expect when you become a participant in the online rehab blog community.

  1. 12-Step Philosophy

Hosted by a recovering alcoholic called Steve K, the 12-Step Philosophy blog discusses, explains and promotes 12-step healing principles from an open and spiritually diverse perspective. Steve K’s self-appointed mission is to disclose the power and effectiveness of the 12-step approach to everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof.

  1. Cathy Taughinbaugh: Helping Parents Find Peace

Certified Parent Coach Cathy Taughinbaugh reaches out to parents struggling with their children’s drug- and alcohol-related issues. Years ago Cathy suffered through the substance abuse problems of her own kids, and it was those experiences that convinced her to devote her skills and attention to other parents facing the same crisis situation. The blog posts on her site feature a wealth of advice for moms and dads seeking ways to cope with a parent’s worst nightmare.

  1. Bye Bye Beer

The anonymous host of Bye Bye Beer takes a narrative approach to explaining her substance abuse history and eventual recovery. Her story is about an apparently healthy, happily married mother of two who was forced to manage an alcohol use disorder she never saw coming. The site host received great support from the online recovery community following her sobriety in 2011, and keeping this blog is her way of giving something back.

  1. Last Call

“Last Call” is the name of both this blog and site host Nancy Carr’s 2005 memoir, which detail her long struggle to overcome the devastating influence of drug and alcohol dependency. At the present time, the Last Call blog features extensive discussions of relationships in recovery and all the complications they involve, but at one time or another every issue that a recovering addict or alcoholic might encounter has been covered on the site.

  1. Sponsor Pants

A niche recovery site created for the benefit of AA sponsors, who must work hard to maintain their own sobriety even as they help others maintain theirs. Mr. Sponsor Pants (not his real name) writes pointedly, wittily and inspirationally about recovery, relapse and 12-step peer network support from his unique perspective as an enabler of health, wellness and an alcohol-free life. Sources 12-Step Philosophy Cathy Taughinbaugh: Helping Parents Find Peace Bye Beer Last Call Mr. Sponsor Pants

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