Wine Mom Culture: Funny or Just Dangerous?

Wine mom culture is pervasive in the 21st century. It is a common thread that runs through television commercials, social media posts, and online ads. It is acceptable and encouraged for moms to drink wine as they cook dinner for their families or suffer through another holiday event with the in-laws. Wine mom culture is funny. It makes you laugh. And sometimes, it makes you want a glass of wine for yourself. What’s wrong with that? At The Right Step, we want to help you understand the dangers of wine mom culture and provide treatment options for you if you need to seek help from a substance abuse treatment program in Texas.

Dangers of Wine Mom Culture

Unfortunately, for millions of people — those who are struggling with or in recovery from alcohol use disorder at an alcohol addiction treatment center — images and suggestions like these can be dangerous. The fact that they are everywhere all the time does not help. Additionally, the suggestion that moms (or anyone else) should drink wine to handle stress is dangerous. We laugh about it when we see it. Maybe we nod and smile and press the ‘like’ button. But in truth, wine mom culture glorifies the use of alcohol as a daily stress reliever, and drinking alcohol to relieve stress has landed more than one client in an addiction treatment center for recovery.

But It’s Harmless, Right?

Wine mom culture looks harmless, and that is part of its appeal. But being bombarded with images and videos of frazzled women holding glasses filled with alcohol is unhealthy. It misrepresents the damage that alcohol can do, and it puts pressure on moms to take part in an activity that could be dangerous for both them and for their children. There are roughly 28 million people in America today who identify as adult children of alcoholics. They have many traits in common, including:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Relationship issues
  • Trust issues
  • Problems with anger management

Many are in recovery from alcohol use disorder themselves. Many others should be. Wine mom culture is far from harmless, at least for those children from which the moms are depicted trying to escape and for the mom, herself.

Don’t Buy Into Wine Mom Culture

If you are a parent raising a child of any age, do not buy into wine mom culture. While it is true that an occasional glass of wine is harmless for most people, for others it can be the first step down a road that leads to substance abuse disorder and the need for an alcohol treatment center.Not every mom drinks alcohol every day. Not every mom handles her stress in unhealthy ways. And not every mom is the hassled, harried woman depicted in the ads. Moms, in general, are masters at finding healthy ways to cope. And there are more moms out there who have it completely together than wine mom culture would have you believe. Be that mom.

Help for Those Who Struggle

If you are currently struggling with alcohol use disorder, reach out for treatment today. The Right Step, with multiple locations in Texas, is waiting to help. Through gender-specific programs such as our women’s addiction treatment center and our men’s addiction treatment center, we are able to treat men and women independently. We will help you learn positive coping skills and recovery behaviors that do not include alcohol. Your future will be brighter and more promising without the burden of alcohol use disorder weighing you down. Call The Right Step today at 17135283709 to learn more about how we can help you overcome addiction.

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