Why Mixing Benzos and Alcohol Is a Really Bad Idea

Benzodiazepine drugs are used to treat such conditions such as anxiety, sleep disorder, seizures, and more. They work by relaxing your nervous system and sending calming messages to your brain. This slows your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, and makes you feel mellow and serene. Alone, benzos can be hugely helpful in treating anxiety and related disorders. But benzos and alcohol mixed are a dangerous combination that can make you seriously ill or worse. If you are currently mixing these potent substances, an addiction treatment center in Texas may be the solution. Call The Right Step today to learn more about our benzo addiction treatment center in TX.

The Relationship Between Benzos and Alcohol

Both benzos and alcohol are depressants. Taking them together raises your risk of accidental overdose significantly. When combined, the two substances magnify one another, making it much easier to take too much of either. When using both together, you feel sleepier, your heart beats more slowly, your confusion is two-fold. It is never okay to mix any type of drug with alcohol, but mixing benzos and alcohol is especially risky.

Why Do People Mix Benzos and Alcohol?

People often mix benzos with alcohol because they do not really view alcohol as dangerous. It is legal to buy alcohol if you are over the age of 21, and many people use it. For these reasons, they do not realize that combining it with prescription medication can be dangerous.

Another reason people often mix benzos and alcohol is that they like the way it makes them feel. Mixing the two magnifies the drowsy, relaxed feelings that each produces on its own. They rarely realize that this is a practice that could cause their hearts to stop beating.

Lastly, benzos and alcohol are mixed because the person taking them considers a prescription drug to be safer than a street drug. They feel nothing bad can happen since they are using a medication legally prescribed by their own physician, perhaps even at a prescription drug addiction treatment center.

Sadly, these are all just myths that people perceive to be true but aren’t. There is no safe drug to mix with alcohol. And just because alcohol is legal to buy, this doesn’t make it safe to combine with other drugs. If you are currently mixing medications such as benzos and alcohol, you may have developed a substance abuse disorder. Call The Right Step today to learn more about our substance abuse treatment programs in Texas. We have programs and therapy designed to help you overcome your addiction in a safe and healthy way. You will no longer rely on addiction in your life.

How The Right Step Can Help

The Right Step is a quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment center with locations throughout Texas. Staffed by highly skilled physicians and counselors, The Right Step can help you recover from a substance use disorder that involves benzos and alcohol. We offer a full continuum of treatment services to guide you from medically supervised detox through supportive aftercare services and alumni programs in TX. The Right Step offers a serene, healing environment where clients can find peace and recovery away from the stress of a hectic life.

When you are ready to reach out for help to battle substance abuse disorder, The Right Step is ready to help. Call us today at 17135283709 to learn more about our gender-specific therapy programs for men and women. We want to help you overcome your drug and alcohol addiction in the way that is most beneficial to you. Contact The Right Step today for help.

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