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How The Right Step Can Help You Help a Teen Overcome Addiction

Not long ago on his television program, Dr. Phil McGraw – yes, THAT Dr. Phil – arranged an intervention on a teen named Brandon in the hope that he could help Brandon’s parents help their son to change his life. If you’re reading this, you know what kind of change they were talking about. Brandon was addicted to drugs, and the good doctor arranged probably the most difficult of “family reunions” to bring the problem into focus. The show chronicling the intervention and the aftermath was a moving, gut-wrenching roller-coaster ride, as Brandon continued (and continues) his battle to become and remain sober. Afterward Dr. Phil posted on his website a recap of the experience, which included THE question that is top-of-mind for literally thousands of parents today: What should we do when we suspect our children of drug or alcohol abuse? The answer, according to Dr. Phil, is to approach the issue with a step-by-step process. The first step is to do your homework. Find out just what the son or daughter is doing when mom and dad aren’t around, who they’re “hanging with,” and how the collective lot of them spends their time and money. Then, if a drug or alcohol issue is apparent, parents need to take action by confronting their child. This meeting, though, can’t evolve into innuendo, he said. It must be fact-based and focused solely on what evidence the “homework” revealed. Finally – and Dr. Phil said this is imperative – the parents and the child need to seek professional help immediately. The Right Step drug treatment centers, located throughout the Southwest, offer just the type of professional help to which Dr. Phil referred. From arranging an intervention to tailoring a treatment program that specifically addresses the needs of the teen, The Right Step provides effective solutions to the problems Brandon – and other young people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs – face. A number of the staff members have been just where Brandon was: struggling with addiction before learning how to beat it to become and remain sober. They have dedicated their lives to teaming with The Right Step medical personnel to find and implement effective treatment regimens that can turn around the lives of others. Consequently, treatment procedures at The Right Step are state-of-the-industry and effective – and unique to each client. And the treatment doesn’t end the day the teen leaves the facility. In fact, The Right Step’s respected Alumni Program is available to everyone who was treated there, thus ensuring the client has a support network in the days and weeks that follow his/her The Right Step experience. If you are a teen with a problem, or a parent who suspects your child has issues with substance abuse, please take The Right Step toward change by calling us at 844-877-1781. You also can visit our website for a comprehensive look at our treatment programs and facilities.

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